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August 2010

Well, here we are again. Thanks for coming back to see my pages. I'm bigger now, I keep telling Mummy and Daddy. I can get into the bath by myself from a little step, see inside drawers in the kitchen, open car doors and if I could work how to use the hob I could make the porridge I prepared all by myself.

We went to North Wales for two weeks but it was too wet and windy to spend much time on the beach. The train that took us to the top of Snowdon was a....deezel I think Daddy said. We wanted a steam train especially as Daddy kept complaining it cost 70 for us to get to the top and it was so cold, windy, wet and dangerous we couldn't explore. Mummy said that we'll walk next time but it looks a long way.

Oh yes, Daddy has a new car, well new to him. Daddy keeps his cars for years and years so this was a Big Event. I love it as we sit high up, it plays my CDs and has hair conditioning which keeps us cool, not just our hair though. It is faster with the caravan on the back than the old one was without it.

Don't forget, if you mouse over the photos you can see my comments. TTFN.

Love, Abigail

I'm not shy, just a bit scared. DON'T LET GO DADDY!

Look what I caught Daddy.

Daddy and I walked on top of the town walls at Conwy.

 Colwyn Bay and the sun is shining.


Yes, the castle now has a moat.

We dug a channel so water flowed into our castle.

Oi! This is my website and I'm not in this photograph.

This was our site at Old Colwyn.

This was the view from our caravan lounge. We could just see the sea.

Hurry up Daddy, I want to explore Porthmadog beach.

Daddy is SO fussy about his car but he still took it onto a beach.

Captain Adorable was out. Boo hoo!

This is Portmerion. I wanted to see Captain Adorable from CBeeBies' Gigglebiz but he wasn't at home.


That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs. See you soon.



Llandudno beach. Mummy was cold.

This is FUN.

Carnarvon has a great fountain and I got very wet!

Still on Porthmadog beach.