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March 2011


Clever Mummy!

Do you like my Peppa Pig cake? It was yummy!

Hello again. Long time, no see! I've been busy, what with nursery school, Christmas, my birthday (did you know I'm 4 now?) Mummy made me TWO cakes as I had a birthday party in our church halls. Lucky me!

In March we went to East Sussex and guess what, it was FREEZING. We always go away when it is cold, or wet, or both. Daddy had to break the ice on the top of the water in the barrel. We had a lot fun, travelled on a steam train, played on the beach, visited friends and I took my bicycle. Daddy forgot his coat. Typical!

Don't forget, if you mouse over the photos you can see my comments. TTFN.

Love, Abigail


Before the sun came up.

Lunchtime, outside so we could see the trains.

Nice hat, Mummy!


On Seaford beach where I got wet feet.

I need my wellies.

Night night, sleep well.

The end of a lovely few days.


Hooray! Sunshine!

We always find a campsite with a view.

We had a walk round the wood behind the caravan.

Don't go too far, Daddy.







That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs. See you soon.