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August 2011


Daddy says this is longer than a normal coach, even without the trailer!

It's August and I've finished nursery school.  We've been away three times, once to a house and twice in the caravan so scroll down for more pictures of ME! And Daddy's favourite coach....and motorbike....and look, this is all about ME! OK?

In April Daddy went away for a week taking people skiing. Strange hobby but he loves driving his coach up mountains.

Don't forget, if you mouse over the photos you can see my comments. TTFN.

Love, Abigail

I'm hiding!

It was a grand day.

In May we went to Paul & Petula's wedding. Don't we all look smart?

This is my Mummy & Nannie!


The site owner thought Daddy was my GRANDAD!!

In June we went to the New Forest to see Peppa Pig at Peppa Pig World. We all enjoyed it.


The sea was VERY cold in Hampshire (above) but warmer in Norfolk in August (below) and I am still dressed. It rained so hard we all got soaked!

I was wet anyway before I got in the sea.

Daddie says we look like the Blues Brothers!

Daddy took my stabilisers off a few weeks ago. Here I go!

Sometimes it rains but I've got a Peppa Pig brolly!

This is a Goldwing. Daddy would like one as his Silverwing is 27 years old now. Mummy said "Boys and toys" which I don't understand

It's too big for you Daddy


Hello Peppa!


In August we stayed with relations in Sevenoaks who had a swimming pool. Mummy & Daddy went to Oak Hall (remember the coach?) but I stayed with Nannie.

Watch me, Daddy.

I'm still in my nightie!


This is where we stayed in Norfolk.



That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs. See you soon. I may be in school uniform................