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October 2011


Daddy says I'm growing up too quickly.

Hello again! It's October, very cold outside and it seems impossible that two weeks previously we spent two days at Clacton on Sea. On the beach. Without fleeces. Or windbreaks. In OCTOBER?? Maybe we've broken the curse of the caravan bad weather? We shall see.

I'm now at school. It's called St Michael's and it's a very good school, but my friend Ellie goes to another one. Boo hoo!

Don't forget, if you mouse over the photos you can  see my comments. TTFN.

Love, Abigail


So does Grandad

And so to Clacton, Jaywick actually.

Daddy says I look like a sea monster!!


The caravan site was huge and noisy, not like our usual ones.

Too busy for Mummy & Daddy.



That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs.

Love from Abigail


The sea was VERY cold, but Mummy went in - for two minutes.

Brrrrrr. Not getting any wetter.

Finally, here's a picture of Mummy & Daddy