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April 2012


Daddy said I only looked like an angel. Huh!

I might become an actress as I've been an angel at school and Mary at church.

Hello again! Sorry to be away for so long but a lot has happened especially in Daddy's life and he hasn't been able to help me create this page. Since my last page we've had Christmas, Daddy's been made redundant and Mummy is incredibly busy at church as she is a Deacon, the treasurer, a singer, to name just three of her jobs. Daddy has a part time job and has been fitting a new audio visual system in the church too. Oh, yes, and I'm now 5!!

That's Jamie as Joseph.

This is one of the two cakes Mummy  made me for my birthday in January. Isn't she clever?


This is Long Bredy Farm.

At last, we went away in the caravan. We spent ten days in Dorset, near Dorchester, and as usual, it was cold wet and windy. Some things never change, huh! Some mornings everything was covered in frost that looked like snow.


We went to Peppa Pig World again just like last year. I've got Peppa Pig crockery, bedding, clothes, rocket and soft toys.


Look what I made!

On Easter Day we went to Lyme Regis Baptist Church where we learnt about Jesus' resurrection from the tomb. This is the one I made in Junior Church.



That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs.

Love from Abigail

Aha! Got you!

Yeeha, it'sbeen snowing!

Where's my booster seat?

I said that Daddy was made redundant and now he drives mini coaches as a school bus driver. He parks it in front of our garage from Monday to Friday. He still does some driving for Lodge Coaches occasionally as well.

I'm cold and wet in Weymouth.

The sea and the wind were VERY cold, but I paddled (and got wet trousers.)

I think I need a longer stick....

This was the last day at West Bay, where I got wet feet - again!

I have to play my drums at the back of the caravan.

One day it rained all day so we stayed in the caravan and played games although we did manage a walk for one hour. This is my new drum kit.

Finally, here's a picture of Mummy & Daddy that I took. Can you see my Peppa Pig bag?