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July 2012


Yes, it really is me!

Mummy made me look very different for the ballet show.

It'summer! Yeeha! But why is it still raining Daddy? And why can't you use a hose to wash your bus?

Anyway, I'm back with a few more pictures of where we've been and what I've done. I've been onstage in a ballet show, on a scarecrow hunt, a music festival and caravan trip, explored lots of boats, been on my last Forest School trip and just started my last week in Reception at school. Daddy says I'm growing up too quickly.


Daddy said "'G'morning, your majesty" as we drove by.

At the beginning of June we went to the Big Church Day Out (for a weekend.) The music was very loud and even rattled the saucepans in the caravan and we were a long way from the stage!

This is LOUD!

This is one of me on a boat in Chichester harbour.

Where's the Start button?

This is Grandad's "wild flower garden."

I still take Doggie everywhere.

Mummy keeps telling Daddy that he'll be 60 next year! Can you see me taking the photograph?

One Saturday Daddy took me on a scarecrow hunt where he drives the children to school. Here are two of our favourites. This one was made by Jack and his family. Jack travels in Daddy's minibus.

What does "You're nicked" mean?



After the loud music we found this quiet site near Chichester

This is quieter.

And just in case you don't believe me when I say it always rains when we are away, look below.

Hurry up, I'm getting wet - again.

Daddy says we had our summer - last Tuesday I think.

II want my dinner!






That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs.  Next update will include us in the Lake District, Daddy at the Olympics in the Park and Ride Event (I don't understand that) and hopefully more of me.

Love from Abigail.