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October 2012

It's August, and we didn't see much of Daddy for nine days as he drove Park and Ride for the Olympics. He thoroughly enjoyed it because of the atmosphere on the coach. He found time to build me a play house with an upstairs, flower boxes, laminate flooring and curtains. I think Mummy helped a bit. He even forgave me for calling him a doughnut for cutting back my climbing tree to make room for it.

Then the sun went in so it was time to get the caravan out. Off we went to stay a few days with Daddy's cousin Juliet in North Yorkshire followed by two weeks in the Lake District near Keswick. We had rain, wind and a little sun, but we enjoyed ourselves by walking, cycling, swimming, a lake cruise, visiting a pencil factory, what else, Mummy?

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Which event are you in Daddy?

No parents allowed!

 Off to the Lake District where it was very windy and the awning blew down one day.

It's going to rain (again.)

You want me to walk up WHERE?

Daddy bought me a walking pole so I could go on my first proper walk. You can see it behind me and it's called Catbells Ridge although it was too wet to see any cats.

Nearly there!

Back home now.

September was warm so we spent a full day on the beach at Holland on Sea where we went last October in the mini heat wave.

I'm waiting for the sea to come in.


I fell over whilst paddling in a river near Reeth and do you know what? Mummy and Daddy didn't even notice. Daddy had to carry me in his fleece back to the car .


Mummy is good with a map and found some lovely walks for us. This is near Aira Force (a waterfall.)

Typical, the sun shines and we are in a wood.

Mummy liked the poles so much Daddy bought Mummy a pair for her birthday.

My legs are tired.

Here is a flower display that Mummy  made for church. Clever, isn't she?

Clever Mummy!

That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs.  Next update might be next year!

Love from Abigail.