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March 2013

What weather we've been having! Daddy's car was off the road for over three weeks and he had to use his motorbike until it snowed when he hired an old banger. A week later it's off the road again as a BIG black bird smashed the windscreen and the repairers took a week to replace it. It's sunny as I write but Daddy had to jump start a car that work lent him AND he woke me up at half past five in the morning doing it! Despite the cold weather we went away in the caravan in February and guess what? It was sunny for a few days. Then cold again.

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Mummy's idea but Daddy eventually said it was a good one! 
Just before Christmas Mummy talked Daddy into having a wood burning stove fitted and it's lovely. I'm allowed to clean it out, relay it and light it.

I'm NOT paddling today!

Mummy and Daddy dragged me out on January 1st for a walk beside the sea. The sun was slightly warm but the wind was cold. As they are both mad we had to have lunch outside. Crazy!

Brrr. I'm staying in bed!
Another bright and cold morning near Kettering in February but we were warm inside the caravan.  In the field next door there were three alpacas for a few hours every day. Three donkeys were walked past the caravan and the site owner showed us his model railway which had lots of trains and lights.

The country walks near Kettering were good fun with lots of muddy puddles to jump in as we walked.

Is it lunchtime yet?

Grandad now lives here which is called a care home. He is well cared for and all the staff are excellent. As I write this he is in hospital because of a bad chest infection. Daddy says he is on oxygen and two drips so when Daddy visits there are three drips.

LATEST: Grandad passed away in Broomfield Hospital on 16/3/13 He'll be missed by many.

Do I blow now?
Mummy made this Christmas cake and gave me a box of things to put on top of it. So I did. All of them. Daddy called it a "busy cake."

Hurry up, Daddy.

One Sunday afternoon and evening we went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and it was fantastic. It was so bright, noisy and lots of fun. We went by train and underground and caught a bus back to the station so we could see the lights.

Won't it go any faster?
Some of the rides were scary but they were all bright and noisy.

Mind my new scooter!

We went to Oakham to meet Michelle who Mummy and Daddy have not seen for years as she lives in Australia which is a long way away.

Take your glasses off, Dad!

That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs. 

Love from Abigail.