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June 2013

March and April were a bit difficult as Grandad died in March and his funeral was in April. He was well known around Braintree as he had been a teacher in or near Braintree all his working life. Many people came to his funeral and many said how they loved his coffin. As a music lover and organist, Daddy and Mummy had the coffin covered in a vinyl of piano keys and with the music of his favourite hymn on top. We miss him especially as we saw so much of him but Daddy reminds us of what the minister said: "Edward is now reunited with his 'precious Audrey' and his Lord and Saviour."

It's now June and guess what? The sun has been shining! It even shone on us at the Big Church Day Out Weekend and later that week when we moved south to near Chichester. Have a look at the photographs to see what I've been doing. Mouse over the pictures to see my comments.

 Come on Frazer!
In April we visited Paul, Sue and Frazer. Paul was Mummy an Daddy's Best Man eight years ago. We went for a walk round Blenheim Park with a scooter and a bike which wasn't allowed but nobody stopped us.

It's way past my bedtime but don't tell anyone.

Like last year we went to the Big Church Day Out weekend at Wiston House in West Sussex. Other friends from our church came and it was fantastic to see and hear the bands and singers. They were very loud but weren't able to make the saucepans in the caravan rattle this time. I was allowed to stay up to ten o'clock!


After the weekend we moved to Selsey which is south of Chichester. We had a meal out with Daddy's cousin Robin and his wife Jo. We all laughed (except Daddy) when the waitress asked if Daddy was my Grandad! The same thing happened next day too!

We visited a reconstructed old village which was very interesting. Some houses had no glass in the windows and looked very bare. On the right is a picture of me taking a picture there.

Hurry up, I want to play with my new friends.

We stayed on a five caravan site that Daddy calls a serty fyed lowkashun. Anyway, the owners had a dog, cat, horses, parrot, pigs, hens and ducks. Mummy made a lovely cake with the duck's eggs when we got home.

Also in June, Daddy handed his notice in at Acme Transport but got talked into staying until the end of term. He got another part time job just down the road in a posh retirement home as a relief coach driver which he loves doing. AND, he's selling his motorbike, AND next month he'll be 60 with a 6 year old.


Don't you hurt Doggy, Daddy.
I thought you might like this picture I took of Mummy, Daddy and Doggy. I think Daddy is trying to strangle poor Doggy.

You lookin' at me?

The picture on the left was the Oasis Tea Tent which was HUGE. The sun shone and so I wore Mummy's glasses and hat. Am I cute, or what?

Even my camera is pink.

Our friend Michelle from Australia came to Sunday lunch before she went home. She makes me laugh!




That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs. 

Love from Abigail.