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September 2013

Hello again! Just back from our summer hols and I'm back at school in Year 2 (my 4th year of education including Nursery!) Daddy's not back at school as he isn't driving for Acme Transport any more. He's very relieved and apart from a few hours at the Hawthorns he is practically retired. Mummy is probably busier though.

This update is all about my, sorry, our three week holiday near Keilder Water in Northumberland National Park. Mouse over the pictures to see my comments.

Hurry up, the sun's too bright.

On the way to Northumberland we stayed with Daddy's cousin Juliet. And on the way back as well.

SHARE it, Daddy.

Daddy was 60 in July and Mummy made him a coach cake with the names of who he has driven for in the last few years, namely Oak Hall, Lodges and Acme Transport. He had nearly 50 friends and relations come round to our house on his birthday.

Yeeha! We're on holiday again!

 I'm not allowed to ask that question in the car. Instead, I ask " How far?"

We went to Druridge Bay twice. It was a long way from our caravan but worth it. The beach was nearly empty of people AND sea when the tide went out.

     It's on our car in case you couldn't guess.

I like taking odd photographs. Can you work out where Daddy's bike is?

This is a garden?

Above: In the quarry Garden at Belsay Hall.

Below: Mummy sets off to cycle round Keilder Water. Mummy is sensible as she started off at the dam, silly Daddy started from our caravan which was eleven hilly and wet miles away!

Be careful Mummy. See you soon, it's only 26 miles.

We did lots of walking and one day Mummy used wellies instead of shoes as the ground was so wet. We've all got walking poles now but it was my idea.

Nice footwear Mummy!


Everyone recognises the Angel of the North but can you see the Angel of the South under it, with Mummy? (On the left.) Another trick question, what's that thing below? (Mouse over for the answer.)

              It's an Angel wing from underneath.

The hotel where we went swimming did lovely meals so we treated ourselves and got dressed up a couple of times.

Do I look posh?

C c c can we go back to the caravan now p p  please?

It got a bit cold and windy at times on holiday, especially in the evening on the coast at South Shields harbour.




At last, Keilder Water and guess what? I'm stuck. Can't go up, can't go down. DAD! QUICK! I've been promised a bike with gears. Soon I hope.

Mummy always makes a big lunch box!

We caught the ferry across Keilder. Can you see my bike there? (Extreme left, you can just see the pink handlebar.)

 We also went swimming in two different pools. One was in a hotel and Daddy and I had the pool to ourselves while Mummy cycled the 26 miles round the reservoir. She only fell off her bike once. Actually, she fell ON her bike and got chain grease on her back!

Below and left were taken in Belsay Hall and gardens. We loved it as the hall was stripped to its bare bones and showed how the hall was built. I had to drag Mummy and Daddy away.

I want to go outside and follow the children's trail so hurry up!

Is dinner ready yet?

This is where we stayed for three weeks. There were lots of sheep, good views, lovely sunsets and a field to play in. Unfortunately I kicked the ball over the fence and Daddy was gone for ages. It had rolled all the way down the hill and round a bend to the bottom. We measured it in the car and it was over half a mile there and back! Luckily it wasn't a busy road.

This stone is cold and hard so hurry!

This photo is called "Caught Reading" as there is a competition at school. I'm sitting on a granary wall at a Roman fort called Housesteads on Uncle Adrian's wall. Pardon? Oh, I meant Hadrian's Wall.

I'm really fast with my poles. Mummy & Daddy can't keep up!

This isHareshaw Linn at Bellingham where we stayed (Bellingham, not the waterfall.)

Last of the Summer what?

Daddy's favourite TV programme on a seat. He says that Cleggie is one of his heroes. Weird!


I've been to England, Wales and now Scotland.

One day was spent in Jedburgh where I played with a new friend from near Stansted Airport. Small world.


In June I said that Daddy got a part time job just down the road in a posh retirement home as a relief coach driver which he loves doing.  It's a zero hours contract whatever that is but he only goes to work occasionally now. 

AND, he's sold his motorbike and given Mummy's car away (yes, really) but I think she's buying a new one soon. Better get my bike first! AND he's now 60 with a 6 year old (me) in case you didn't know.

How can scruffy Daddy work in a posh place like this?

That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs. 

Love from Abigail.