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January 2014

Hello again and Happy New Year. Christmas is over and I'm actually 7 now, but let's see what's happened since September.

Half term in October found us in Horncastle in Lincolnshire. We had some sun but Daddy parked the caravan in the shade. Doh! There was a huge storm when we were away that did lots of damage but all we got was very heavy rain and a damp caravan.

As usual, no one here but us.

We explored Lincoln where Daddy had to carry me up the steep hills. He says he enjoys it but he does puff and pant at times!

I'm not getting to old for this but perhaps Daddy is!

Don't forget to mouse over the pictures to see my comments. (Only if you really want to!)

Whilst away in Lincolnshire we visited an aircraft museum where we watched a Lancaster bomber taxi past us. SO noisy and exciting. There was a children's' trail to follow which was interesting. For Christmas I was given a book on the Lancaster. Look here, I'm 7, a girl, I love pink and I was given a book on a Lancaster bomber!


But it really was exciting though as the wing tip passed over our heads. NOISEEE!

I stood on the same line yesterday in a country park.

At church we had our Harvest Festival. This is Mummy's handiwork. The screen behind is Daddy's handiwork which is not nearly so interesting.

Mummy is so clever! 

Suddenly it's Christmas again and look at this cracker. We expected a really loud POP but nothing!!

BANG! I bet that made you jump!    

That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs.  Our next trip away is to Yorkshire in February so watch this space.

Love from Abigail.



This is a "selfie" but Daddy spoils it by saying that a true selfie has to have a celebrity in it as well as me.

This is my cool look.

Like last Christmas, we went to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London. Unlike last year we went during the day which was great as it was a sunny day, but boring old Daddy said he preferred it at night.
 Can you see the gloves on the fence?

This picture was taken in the Ice Sculpture house. Can you guess what the temperature was? Mouse over the picture for the answer.

Brrrr! It's minus 8C in here!