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May 2014

Hello again and guess what? The sun's been shining. At the end of my last posting I said "watch this space" as we were going away at half term in February. Well, we didn't, because the caravan Mummy and Daddy ordered last October wasn't ready when they wanted it so we stayed at home instead. It worked out well as Nanny fell and broke her left wrist very badly on Valentine's Day, not long before she was due to have an operation on her right hand. Now her left wrist is held together with metal and screws she says. Poor Nanny!
The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray!

Our first caravan trip since last October and I had scarlet fever! BUT, it's SUNNY! Daddy even sat outside for his breakfast and Mummy passed him tea through the window. (See below.) Lazy bones! This is North Yorkshire in April by the way. Warm sun but a  cold wind a lot of the time though.
More tea, Daddy?

We get better views from our caravan than our house.

This is the moon rising, viewed from our caravan.

Before the others arrived we visited Staithes. I had wanted to for a long time as Old Jack's Boat on children's tv is filmed there. Old Jack is played by Bernie Cribbies I think. (Bernard Cribbins - Dad.)

Old Jack is probably at the Mermaid Cafe.

Here I am sitting outside his house.

I guess the cafe is closed today.

Mummy and I are outside where the Mermaid Cafe's tables are put.

This is Staithes. DON'T DROP MY TABLET, MUM!

I let Mummy use my tablet as clever Daddy lost our camera. Actually he left it on a bench in a market town and it was never seen again, not even on Ebay!

Old Jack's boat The Rainbow is normally moored here in the harbour but he must have been out when we came. We didn't see Salty Dog either.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

On the way back we visited Whitby. The wind was still cold so I wore my new hat/scarf/gloves thingy.


Back home and see? I really am a little angel....

So where's my halo?

 .... and a racing driver

Watch out Hamilton, I'm after you!

That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs.  Our next trip away is at the end of May to Chichester for a friend's wedding and the Big Church Day Out Weekend. It will only be one day for us this year because of the wedding.

See you soon and have a good summer.

Love from Abigail.

The pictures aren't very good this time as Daddy lost the camera in Helmsley so we had to use his phone or my tablet. Don't forget to mouse over the pictures to see my comments but only if you really want to!

(Note from Daddy: this doesn't work using the Firefox browser. Sorry.)

Dovercourt in February. Last Girl's Brigade service at our church. I have to go another church now for GB.
Here's two different pictures of me. One in  play clothes and one in Girls' Brigade uniform at our church.


We stayed for two weeks near Coxwold, a lovely village near Thirsk. During the second week friends from church came as it was Brian's 50th birthday. Only three other families turned up as one broke down.

Sophie, Jamie, Lynn, Doggy, Me, Mummy and Brian.

Did you notice the two small windows towards the back of the caravan? The top one is my bunk and the bottom was Jamie's. Both have blinds and their own light. Jamie (in the blue coat above) is Lynn and Brian's grandson. His mum came too and slept in their caravan so Jamie slept in ours. We had our own little table and seats half way down the caravan for our breakfast. It was great having a friend with us to play with.

Easter eggs pleeease and lots of them.

Jamie and I wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny and hey presto! there were eggs hidden all over the caravan, and in his Nanny's and Brian's caravans.

We had a trail sheet and had to find certain chimneys, fireplaces and cupboards and so on.

Jamie's Nanny and Pop Pops took us both to Rievaulx Abbey where we watched a bird of pray display. (That's prey, not pray - Dad.) What ever, Dad. They were magnificent, especially the Golden Eagle.

This is more like our usual weather. Choo choo!

One cold day we all went to York Railway Museum. Mummy and Daddy loved it so much they are coming back to see more of it. Outside we took a train ride, me, Jamie and his mum.

Follow me!

Above, we're on a high walk above the Kilburn White Horse which has been cut into the hillside near to where we stayed. I'm in the lead of course. Gliders were taking off from an air field on our right. Below, we're enjoying the sun!


After the holiday we were very busy. I appeared in "And the winner is..." a ballet and dance show. I had to dance as a lion in Born Free, in a spotty dress in "Swinging on a Star" and as a Cowgirl in the Junior Finale. Daddy had to help me backstage on one evening and Mummy helped on the other two performances.

This is me as a cowgirl and my faithful Doggie.

I've also got two pets now. Topsy and Tipsy, two guinea pigs. The have a hutch with an upstairs and a run for day time. They are really cute and I love them lots. Tipsy is on the left.