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July 2014

  So what have we been up to?

Hello again so soon!

Don't forget to mouse over the pictures to see my comments but only if you really want to!
(Note from Daddy: this doesn't work using the Firefox browser. Sorry.)

Daddy thought he had better buy a camera to replace the one he lost at Easter and he and Mummy bought two! One is a small one for every day use and the other is a bridge camera but I think Mummy will take photos of more than just bridges. Daddy says it is Mummy's Christmas present for the next five years! (A bridge camera is midway between between a compact and an SLR. Daddy.)

Unfortunately he left it on Magic mode and Mummy didn't notice. Parents!

Trust Daddy!


Being near Portsmouth we went to the Historic Dock Yard on two days. Daddy was going to queue jump by saying "Don't you know who my uncle was?" but Mummy said that the man on the gate would not have heard of Lieutenant Commander A. P. Pudney so we had to queue for ages. The second day we walked straight in as we had tickets.

Can you guess where I am in the picture below? I'm standing between two ate sillinder deezal enjuns (Close. Daddy.) He said that the upright rods beside me are the pushrods but I didn't get excited like he did.

You snapping me or two deezul engines? Silly question!

The picture below might help.

Yes, it's a submarine. Actually it's HMS Alliance, the only remaining WW2 era British ocean going submarine.


Nice socks Dad.

One day Daddy and I cycled to the Notley Discovery Centre and then onto Rayne station. One of my teachers took this photo. The road on the left is the part of the Tour de France route,and, Hey Presto, here it is!


There were ever so many press, police and advertising vehicles and then the two leaders.....

They led nearly all the way.

...closely followed by the rest.

Team Sky. Go Go.

Daddy got to Rayne at 05.10 with our three chairs on his bike. We arrived at 08.40 and to wait ages for the racers. His cousin Juliet in Yorkshire texted him to say that as the race got to Rayne, the adverts came on!!

Over the Spring Bank Holiday and the following week we went to Chichester and Portsmouth. Because of a wedding we went to near Portsmouth we only went to the Big Church Day Out on the Sunday, and not for whole weekend. Boo hoo.

Here we at last. Let's rock!

As usual it was fantastic and I had Millie to play with from our church while Mummy looked after her baby sister. There were twelve from our church plus some other friends. This time I went on the swing boat and other rides at the funfair. Next year we are going for the whole weekend because I say so. (Oh yeah? Daddy.) You know you want to, Dad!

Still at the docks, we went for boat trip on this dock area. The boat sat four and I was allowed to steer and drive it. It's not like a car and we zig zagged all the way round the dock.

Below, I was allowed to stand on 2000 year old roman mosaics. I'm trying to mimic  the complex pattern. We are learning about the Romans at school as well.

But what did the Romans ever do for us?


Back home to my two lovely guinea pigs, Tipsy and Topsy. Topsy got a huge abscess on her neck which cost the equivalent of two years pocket money to be seen to, but after twice daily medication and care we think she is nearly better.

Mummy took this close up of Tipsy.

Mummy and Daddy bought this hutch and run for them. Although they were new they needed attention and Daddy joined them together with this pipe. They love running from one side to the other. At night they get covered to prevent draughts. Just like me really!


That's all. Off to Scotland in a few weeks so I'll see you soon and have a good summer.

Love from Abigail.