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September 2014

So what have we been up to?  

The picture on the right should give you a clue. For a whole month too!
Don't forget to mouse over the pictures to see my comments but only if you really want to! Daddy says it works with the Firefox browsers now.

Before we went to Scotland we visited Daddy's cousin Juliet. (No that's not her below.) We followed the Gruffalo trail in Hamsterley forest with her though.

...with his terrible teeth and his terrible jaws. ...And that's just Daddy!

And off to Edinburgh. Mummy took this view of Edinburgh from Calton Hill where we climbed Nelson's Monument.

We were in the castle this morning.

We had a tour of Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia at Leith. I loved it and listened to every word on the audio guide. The Queen loved it too and was very sad when it was taken from her. We had afternoon tea aboard and very nice it was too!

Even my hot chocolate had an image of Britannia on it!

This is how our new dining room will look hopefully.

After just four days we moved north to the Moray Firth coast near Elgin. We saw lots of wild life such as seals, dolphins, deer, fox and seabirds on this holiday. The dolphins were just off shore  at Lossiemouth.


Now bear with me here while I explain that Daddy's favourite film is Local Hero so we just had to visit Pennan where the village shots were taken. My comments on these come straight from the film!

Urquhart. Hey, I said it right!

The beach shots in the film were taken near Arisaig on the west coast, so, dutifully we drove from east to west .....This is Ben's beach for anyone who has seen the film. It didn't rain in the film.

This really is Ben's beach. He does own it.

We spent eight days around Fort William and I wish I could show you all the photos. Hear are some of the highlights.

Foxy was on the Ardnamurchan peninsula.

I have had my first ride on a ski lift. Daddy and I went up the Glen Coe lift. It was very cold but I think Daddy is being silly again as he saw the snow behind him. Mummy stayed in the cafe until she saw us coming down.

It's not THAT cold!

Bit windy up here!

On the way down Daddy said that some people fly for two hours to somewhere like Spain and sit on the beach in the sun. He says it sounds a weird thing to do. Mummy is keeping mum what ever that means.

Look at Daddy's socks!

Below is what we could see from our caravan site in Appleby.

Steeper than it looks!

Daddy managed to burn the clutch in a dramatic smoky way at this site trying to  reverse up a steep slope with the caravan. It has smoked before but not like this time. Now he needs to get a new clutch fitted so he has bought a motor mover to fit to the caravan so it won't happen again.


Back home and we've been roller skating twice already. We saw a small funfair when we left skating and I had a go on this bungee jump thingy. Fun!

Higher, higher!

Back to school and I'm in Year 3 or Keystage 2 or Juniors as Mum and Dad say. So far so good!

Most evenings we walk up to our folly and survey our new house and gardens. OK, it's Audley End House really.

I think  we need a bigger lawn mower!

We have loads and loads of photographs so we have been very strict by selecting just a few. I mean, I don't want to bore you, do I?

Are we there yet?

The first site we stayed at after spending a few days with Juliet was at East Fortune to the east of Edinburgh. We loved it there especially as trains seemed to appear from the cornfield and whizz by.

That's East, not Fast.

The weather was surprisingly good and even allowed us a beach afternoon near North Berwick. In the distance is Bass Rock, a bird sanctuary that is white because it is covered in bird droppings. Nice! I could see gannets and puffins on it through the telescope and the webcam at the Seabird Centre.

I do love to be beside the seaside

One reason I liked staying at East Fortune was that in the caravan beside us was Buddy. His owners, David and Victoria (not Beckham) taught me how to train him to fetch. I felt sorry to leave him and mean old Daddy won't have a dog. I did miss my two guinea pigs by the way.

This is my new friend Buddy.

Here we are in August and we are still haunted by cold weather, ice in Elgin? Later on we saw snow on some mountain sides.

I hope not!

The phone box played an important role but was moved away from the building in the film.

Mr Happer rang. H-A-P-P---P-E-R. He spelled it for me.

Our second long stay was at Fort William. Someone remarked after looking at previous pages of mine that the sun does shine on us. Not all the time though! (See left and below!) Below was taken from our caravan looking towards Loch Lhinne.

Altogether now: Raindrops keep falling on my 'van.

This sunset was viewed from our caravan too.

We travelled along the Road to the Isles from Fort William to Mallaig twice. The first time was by train over the Glenfinnan Viaduct, the second time was by car so we could stop at places enn root as Daddy calls it. Here I am on the Glenfinnan Monument wearing a cardigan that Great Auntie Rhoda made for me.

Made it, all the way up!

All four of us. (You can't see Doggy.)

We really didn't want to head for home but we had to. We stopped halfway at Appleby in Westmorland for a few days.

Boo hoo. going home.

This is Daddy's attempt at parking in a designated caravan area. He says the cloud above the caravan normally only happens when Mummy is cooking!



Topsy decided to investigate the inner workings of the tumble drier. Doh!


That's all I'm afraid. We hope to go away at half term in October. Daddy has fitted the motor mover to the caravan and says that I can man-oover it with the remote control. I can't wait!

See you soon.

Love from Abigail.