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March 2015

Wow, six months since my last update! We'll start last October Not many photos this time. Did I hear a cheer?

Pastor Paul who married Mummy and Daddy ten years ago moved to Germany. He asked Daddy if he could help so Daddy hired a big van and off they went from Hackney to Bremen. Daddy says I look like Lisa Kelly in the Ice Road Truckers series on Channel 5. Do you agree?

Daddy got stopped for speeding on an ortobarn, what ever that is. He was doing 50 mph in a 38 mph section. Ooops.

Christmas came too quickly as the builders worked hard to finish the new dining room and sunroom. Here we are, our family around the Christmas table. Daddy's cousin Rob is serving.

This year my friend Willow from next door came with us to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This is the view from the big wheel. It was very cold but also noisy, busy and exciting. Willow could hardly keep awake on the way home!

 Here, Mummy is helping me with my maths.

Blue sky, me, a black headed sheep and a wind turbine at Africa Alive. We saw my favourite sheep at the cinema in Lowestoft: Shaun the Sheep - The Movie.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back home and I thought you might like to see Topsy (left) and Tipsy (right). The lived in our new sun room over winter as Daddy made an indoor run and shelter for them. He still calls them little rats. I have to go outside to the verges to cut their grass as ours is almost gone. They recognise the the ice cream tub I use and start chattering as soon as I come back in.


At half term in October we went to Rutland Water for a few days. Why does Daddy always choose high, windy, wet and empty sites to stay on? The owner was 94 and still grew his own vegetables

 We cycled right round Rutland Water which I think was 17 miles (easier than Kielder from two years ago)  and then 7 the next day on the penininslar (good try, peninsular - Dad.)

After Winter Wonderland came my birthday. Just look at the gingerbread house Mummy made. Yummy! Can you see the my age in the shape of a sparkler? Daddy put some of my old toys beside it to make it look more realistic. He does that kind of thing. I had a swimming party at the local pool and nearly forty friends came, mostly my class.

For February half term we went to Lowestoft in Suffolk. We had two days of sunshine so we made the most of it by visiting Africa Alive, a walk through safari park. We arrived at 09.30 when they opened and left at 16.00 when they closed. There were big animals but my favourite were the small ones such as the meerkats, guinea pigs and otters. Mummy and Daddy enjoyed it as they saw animals that they had never heard of before.

Mummy dislocated her right knee only two weeks earlier and had to use crutches but managed with  one this day. Left knee 3, right knee 1. Ouch!

The next day was spent at Minsmere bird reserve. Lots more walking.

You will never guess what we are doing here! As usual we were the only people on site, the owner went away, it then rained for 12 hours and we're stuck in the mud. We got the car out using a spade and plastic mud tracks that Daddy has, and then did the same with the caravan. I drove it out a few feet at a time using the remote control for the motor mover while Mummy and Daddy put the mud tracks under the wheels. Should have bought a four wheel drive drive, Daddy!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So what else has been happening? I'm too busy to play sometimes as I have after school activities such as ballet, arts club, swimming and Girls' Brigade. And homework and I'm only 8. (Don't start a sentence with And. - Dad.) See what I mean?

Daddy has given up driving coaches apart from the small one for the retirement home, but they haven't used him for a while. He has also bought a Honda Forza scooter that looks like a motor bike as he misses his motorcycling. He says it is a present from the university as he bought with his redundancy from  a few years ago.
Nanny is about to move from a big house to a new smaller one, church is keeping Mummy very busy and now Daddy is on the maintenance team. On top of that we were all ill in January - chest infections and an upper respiratory  tract infection (me.)

Finally, here's a selfie of me.

See you soon.

Love from Abigail.