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April 2015

Not long since my last update but we've been busy with a trip to Scarborough and a few nights with Daddy's cousin Juliet in North Yorkshire. Don't forget to mouse over the pictures to see my comments. I'm afraid it doesn't work with Firefox browsers, Sorry.

Daddy wanted to return the caravan to the dealer we bought it from for its first service so we made it into a ten day break. The first seven were spent in Scarborough. And the sun shone! Can you see the castle on top of the headland? We visited that as well.
      Have I really got to walk up there?

We had to share the site. Unusual for us!

Ours is the one on the right.

Below is the North York Moors Railway. We travelled from Pickering to Grosmont (pronounced Growmont) where Mummy was really fascinated with the engine sheds as Sir Nigel Gresley was there. Apparently it's a steam engine.

Yes, I am cold.

Look at the smoke coming from the engine.  A second after the photo was taken it let out so much steam the noise hurt my ears. Daddy says it must have had a leaky piston gland but I think he's showing off again. He also said that a steam engine is an external combustion engine where as a car has an internal combustion engine. Yeah, whatever!

A bit bigger than Thomas!

We got off at Goathland where Heartbeat is filmed. This time we had to drag Daddy out of the garage as it had unrestored motorbikes and loads of junk really, but he got very excited when he saw a radiator grill from an Arm Strong Sydney Saffire (not bad - Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire - Dad.) He says he used to own one but we weren't impressed.

Quick, run. We won't see Daddy for awhile.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back home now.

Does any one recognise this place? Yes, it's Sunny Sands where Grandpa in my Pocket is filmed. That's three TV locations we've been to in three weeks. We are behind Miss Smiley's cafe and Nanny is watching the water clock. (For those who don't watch children's TV, this is actually Southwold on the Suffolk coast - Dad.)

Daddy took a photo of me on his scooter then two friends from across the road came over. Can you guess which one was born the same day as me?

Brrmm brrmm

I'm also learning to play the clarinet. Mummy is helping me and I have a lesson each week at school. If it looks small it's because it is. I'm too small for a full size one so this is a mini clarinet.

What do you mean, I'm frightening the guinea pigs?

Once again, that's all. Thank you for reading, especially friends in Australia and Nigeria who we don't often see!


I love trampolining and get very hot doing it despite being a VERY cold day.

Boing, boing .....

We took our bicycles with us as we were staying a mile or so away from a forest with cycle tracks. Unfortunately some were so wet we couldn't use them. Daddy tried and found out just how muddy they were. Ooops!

We did spend a great day in Dalby Forest with our bikes. Mummy struggled with her bad knee though and a bike that wouldn't change gear properly. Once again Daddy showed off by cycling up this path without stopping. The trail was chosen by Mummy. Parents!

Wait for us!

Do you remember Staithes from last year? Well, here we are again. This time Old Jack was there, but he just stood there, and Salty didn't respond to my stroking.


Bernard Cribbins again.

It was a sunny day again but the air was cool. It didn't stop us from spending a few hours on the beach at Staithes though.

DAD! Stop being silly.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now then, why have we put a picture of a yot yat yaht yacht here? No, it's not Old Jack's Rainbow but Cousin Robin's Cyclone of Langstone. Rob and his wife Jo are sailing to the Baltics, taking six months for the trip.
Moored at Alderney

Mummy, Daddy and now Nannie follow his blog which is well written and often funny. Click on the picture if you are interested and want to read more.

What IS that noise?

No, we don't usually feed Tipsy and Topsy indoors on a plate!

Next time, The Big Church Day Out and the Isle of Widget. Dad, are you sure that's right?

Love from Abigail.