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Saturday September 5th 2015

Hello, it's us again! I hope you have all been well since my last update. Thanks for looking. Have you noticed we've missed August and our holiday? Well, we'll create pages for that later, but firstly, look at the date on the right. Yes! Mummy turned 50 and Daddy turned faint when he heard of her party plans. Mummy invited 100 guests and we think 95 came, luckily not in 95 cars or all at the same time.

The photos are bigger but still low quality as Daddy is too mean to buy more web space. Don't forget to mouse over them to see my comments. I'm afraid it doesn't work with Firefox browsers, sorry.

This is how our garden looked before the guests arrived and on the right is how it looked by mid afternoon.

The calm before the storm.

Yes, it's a dead pig. Mummy's idea. Daddy nearly turned vegy tare ian.  (Close. Dad.) He said that its big blue eyes kept staring at him. Which is why this is the only photo I'm posting - don't want to upset those with a nervous disspowshion, Dad says.

A hog roast. Yummy!

Just some of the flowers Mummy received. Wow!

I wonder why I keep sneezing.

Mummy did a spread of salads, cold meats and veggie food.

Here I am with a few of my friends. Five, if you look closely.

Anyone seen Olivia?

Mummy took more photos but we decided just to put these on line. I hope you like them.

A good time was had by all but someone upset Daddy by asking if he was doing the same for his next "biggy" birthday. I'm not sure he wants to celebrate being 70. (Too right I don't! Dad.)

Anyway, that's all for now.

Love from Abigail and Doggy.

"Bring a chair" Daddy said but there was no where to put a chair.........

And a good time was had by all.

What a cake! Fruit cake on top layer and sponge below. Thanks, Nanny!

Best keep Daddy away from all this cake.

This is Daddy with a good friend of ours, Carol. She was invited as a guest but came early and spent all day in the kitchen

You lookin' at me?

I caught Doggy trying to pinch some wine. Naughty Doggy.

I think I've been spotted.