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October 2015 - Disneyland!

Hello from Disneyland Paris! OK, we are home now but I couldn't wait to show you some photographs of us, the parks, the rides and Paris. We were away for seven days, five of which were spent in the parks.

We learnt lots about how the films were made, experienced a meteor attack on a Russian space station (the set used on the film Armageddon) - which was too scary for me, watched a staff member interact live with a alien called Stitch, saw someone else walk into a film that was showing, flew over London at night in Peter Pan's galleon and so much I could go on for a long time. Daddy complained about queuing for 55 minutes for a two minute ride but that's Daddy.

The photos are still low quality as Daddy is too mean to buy more web space. Don't forget to mouse over them to see my comments. I'm afraid it doesn't work with Firefox browsers, sorry.

I typed the description below all by myself and Daddy has left it as I typed it, but he did say that you need to take a deep breath at the beginning of each sentence and ignore the tie pows, what ever they are.

You all know what  Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and others look like so here are some pictures of the parks. Enjoy!



We're here at last!

About when we went to Disneyland Paris

Everyone that went to St Michaels school got 2 weeks half term so on Sunday evening we went to a travel lodge so then  were nearer to the eurostar train that goes under the English channel underneath the water instead of going by boat across the water. My bed was very bumpy because you could feel the springs because they only put a sheet over the springs while mummy and daddy got a king size bed that was really comfy and just right for me if I had the bed to sleep in through the night. The next morning we packed up and gave the card back that gets you in the room. We drove to the station and got everything that we needed to go to Disneyland Paris to sleep in the hotel we were staying in. The hotel name that we were staying in is called “Santa Fe” and it was really good but both of our beds were a bit hard to sleep in. When we got to Disneyland Paris we went into straight to the Disneyland Park and when we got there lots of people standing round the sides because a parade was about to start so we stayed by the side too so we can see a parade by the very first minute we got there. then we did some exploring and going on some rides. Then we went  to our hotel and then went to bed.

On Tuesday we spent the day in Walt Disney’s studios and did a lot of things there that day which was ok but I think I liked the Disney’s park better than the studios but there was a thing that I really, really liked was the thing about stitch which because I really liked it we did it again and it was in an English version that they did and there was a lot of French versions and there was more people as there was a lot of French people in Disneyland more than English people there. The Disney studios were ok but aren’t as good as the Disney park.

On Wednesday we went back into the Disney Park and did some things that we had all ready done and when we went into a maze and discovered 2 other rides that we did not know were there so we went down there and they were very long to wait but we did it any way as it would be our first time on these 2 rides but when we got on one it was very good and the other one was very good and we had nearly done everything there actually in the Disney Park and the Disney Park was exciting and very, very good and fun in the park .

On Thursday we went back into the studios and did some things that we  had all ready done there and did some things that we had not done which I found out that that they were really good and some things were very, very scary. Some things I really liked and some things I just did not like but the studios weren’t very interesting at all.

On Friday we went actually into Paris and it was ok but lots of people were begging for money and luckily we did not give any money to any one at all but Paris was really busy I did like Paris but I would not want to live in Paris.  I did kind of make a rhyme as I have a friend called “Karis”. The rhyme is “its Paris and Karis” I think it’s a really good rhyme but yes her name is “Karis”.

On Saturday we went down for breakfast and then came back up afterwards to pack away and take it back to the bag thing that then transports it to the Disneyland express and then we pick it up and go through to the things  and get on train all the way back  to the stations  were people came  to the train and get of, of the train to go home and then went to bed about a hour later.

That’s the end of the story of Disneyland Paris !


NO way, Daddy!

This a burnt out, falling down ride called the Tower of Terror. By the constant screams we could hear it lived up to its name. And no, we didn't go on it.

Aren't you supposed to be holding the umbrella?

Does Daddy have to be silly all the time? We laughed when the sprinkler started though!

We saw so many people including grown ups wearing these Minnie Mouse ears so I just had to buy a pair. Do they suit me?

Another Wow!

Our last evening was Friday so after the Paris tour we went back to the park to see the closing light and firework display. Incredible! Daddy just could not work out how they they got animated Disney characters projected onto the side of the castle. I just enjoyed it.

Before that, on the Friday we took a coach into Paris and then jumped onto a Big Red Tour Bus for a tour of the city. Mummy says we'll come back one day and explore more.

And just where is the coach Mummy?

This is Paris from The Basilica of Sacré-Cœur at Montmartre. We had to get a taxi back to the coach because of lack of time.

We all loved the week there but I want to go back as two big rides were closed for repairs. It will be just for one day  Mummy says.

I hope you like the pictures. See you soon.

Love from Abigail and Doggy, Mummy and Daddy.


Above is Main Street, built to look like like a small American town around 1900. It even had gas lamps which Daddy can remember seeing in Braintree. I didn't know he was that old!

We walked through the castle several times but for some reason we never ventured upstairs to see the Sleeping Beauty.

This must look wonderful when the sun shines!

There were loads of different themed areas. This is in the Treasure Isle part. Do you see the mast of the galleon and one of the rope bridges? It wobbled rather too much for us.

Below is Alice's Curious Labyrinth which seemed to go on for ever, under water spouts that leapt over our heads, through and up a small castle, round bends, and up dead ends until we found our way out. We took this photo from the  Dumbo ride.

We did this maze three times!

Daddy loved the Studio Park lots but I preferred the Disneyland Park. Below is Hollywood Boulevard which led to the tram tour of the behind the scenes area which included the scary demonstration of an earthquake, explosions, fire, water and a fuel tanker being swept towards us.

Can you see the Hollywood sign on the hill?


There were some very large fish in this river.

Most days we walked to the parks from the hotel. Just look at these colours.


So what is this photo below? It's the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Daddy took this photo from the back of an open top tour bus.

Don't fall off the bus Daddy!

Below, no prizes for guessing we we are.

Je suis en France. I think that's right.