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August 2015

Our summer holiday 2015 was spent in Devon and Monmouthshire. We enjoyed three weeks away with Nanny joining us for the last week in Monmouth. Was it sunny? By our standards, yes, but the locals kept apologising for the poor weather!

We stayed at Barnstable and visited Saunton Sands twice - in the sun as well!

One day we visited Clovelly which is a lovely village built on the side of a cliff. Very steep path! As we were in Devon we had our only cream tea there, and spent all the time keeping wasps away. Wasps 0-Us 100, at least it seemed like it.

Also in Clovelly was this cave under a waterfall. Mummy got creative with her new camera as you can see below.

We took our bicycles all the way to Devon and Wales and only used them twice. This is at Inslow on the Tarka Trail.  We had intended to go all the way to Northam which is near Bideford but I think Daddy forgot I was only 9 so we didn't make it unfortunately.

After two weeks in Devon we moved to Wales as Mummy really wanted to go to the Monmouthshire Show where she went with her parents and brother many years ago. Nanny loved the idea so she caught a train from Braintree to Newport and Mummy and I picked her up while Daddy played with the caravan and the awning. Played? I'll give you play - struggled more like it - Dad.

Nanny has never stayed in a touring caravan before so we made sure it pointed towards the best views. She had a lovely time and even  child minded me one afternoon while I played with the farmer's granddaughter so Mummy and Daddy could go out.

We had a lovely day out in some beautiful gardens which included underground grottos. I'm holding a board on which I had to tick when I found things around the garden.

When it was time to go home Daddy proved the farmer wrong. The farmer said that Daddy would be OK to get up the slope from the meadow, but without a four wheel drive car, the farmer had to help. The slope was steeper than it looks and the wheels kept spinning.

And that was our summer holiday 2015. Sorry it has taken Daddy so long to do it but his excuse was that it was difficult to choose which photos to use as he took 100 and Mummy took 450!

The next update will be about my birthday which involved a cold weekend at Lowestoft, Africa Alive and getting wet in the sea in January!

Love from Abigail.


This is the same beach viewed from the road.

Here I am trying to dodge the waves in Lynmouth one early evening.

We did to get to Northam but by car. Our favourite weather has returned as you can see. Our friend Michelle lives in Northam, Western Australia where summer temperatures can reach 40C.

Still smiling at Northam.


















Yes, Mummy is milking a cow! OK, it's a make believe cow. We went to a working farm called the Big Sheep. It was a fantastic day with so many animals to look at or pet and also interesting talks to go to. There was even a sheep race!

And finally, we visited the Monmouthshire County Show which was great. This is how it looked from the top of the Big Wheel.

There was some entertainment from an Australian called The Kangaroo Kid and his friend who could do wonderful jumps and rolls on quad bikes. I enjoyed watching them so much we saw both shows and Daddy bought me a poster of them that they signed To Abigail. Daddy has put it on a board and it is on my bedroom wall.