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January/February 2016

Hello again so soon!. This page is about New Years Day,  my birthday treat, Fluffy and a visit to London.  

Every New Years Day we try and go out for the day as Nanny and Grandad used to. This year we went to Walton, had coffee in a  cafe  then went for a windy cold walk.


For the fourth year running we went to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.

The view from the Big Wheel.

Below and right were taken in the Ice Kingdom. Amazing! And very cold as it was minus 8C.  Brrr.


Daddy told someone at church we took Willow from next door and the reply came back, "You took the widow from next door?"!


For my birthday treat we went to Africa Alive at Kessingland, near Lowestoft in Suffolk. We took the caravan on the Friday evening and left on Sunday afternoon. It was cold, and wet underfoot as well but we still enjoyed ourselves. Willow came too.

Who is this funny man looking up but pointing down? Me of course, in my nice warm hat and scarf. I'm pointing at the otters that we watched being fed.

As you can see, we had fun in our wellies and in the play area.

Mummy tried to burn the caravan down with an indoor sparkler on the cake she made me. Do you recognise who the cake is?


On the Sunday instead of going to church we did a walk along the cliff top from the caravan site and down to the beach.  We had planned to walk past the site to the next one, up their steps and back to the caravan but the sea had other plans. Two big waves came together and got us very wet up to and including our knickers. Chillee! Mummy carried on but Daddy and we rushed back to the caravan. Halfway back we realised our wellies had cold sea water in them.


At school we are studying Alice in Wonderland and we have projects to do based on the story. To help me I was taken to the British Library as they had an Alice in Wonderland exhibition. It wasn't child friendly as it it was mostly displays of old copies and historical facts but Mummy and Daddy pointed out interesting bits for me.

I also wanted to see where Winter Wonderland was. The only thing left was the damaged grass. This is in Hyde Park by the way. It was a  sunny day but cold. We then walked to the Natural history museum but the queue was so long we spent a short time in the Science Museum instead. Unfortunately I was too tired by then to take much in.

That's all I'm afraid (did someone say "oh good?") Our next trip away is for five days at half term to Peterborough. Mummy and Daddy says there is a lot to see and do, so Bye Bye until then.


Love from Abigail

Nanny couldn't walk far as she is getting used to her new hip but she still enjoyed it.



 This is probably the last time  though, so I got Daddy to put a few more photos in.

Willow, my friend from next door, came as well. She went on this ride but it looked too scary for me!


These African drums were fun and surprisingly loud!

I haven't included many animals as you all know what they look like, but here is a lion waiting for his lunch which wasn't me thankfully.

A birthday present (below). Do you know what it is? It's a marble run which took HOURS to build. The two marbles are heavy metal ones which get lifted by the black tower and whizz off to the bottom, going different ways when they are are half way down.


This is how Mummy dresses on a cold day.



We then caught a bus to Paddington Station as we have read the books about Paddington Bear. Daddy kept laughing which made me laugh so he wasn't able to read. I've also seen the film at the cinema - fantastic!. Mummy bought me the DVD of it and I watched it in the car on the way to holiday last year. Therefore I just had to see the station and the statue of Paddington.


And finally, here is Fluffy, my new hamster. He runs around in his ball all over the downstairs. In this picture he has pushed out his food bowl and given his bedroom a skylight. Daddy calls him Sir Fluffy Poopalot.