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    Abigail's Page 33


February 2016

Just HOW do Mummy and Daddy do it? The morning we loaded the caravan was the morning after the coldest night of the year and it was minus 1.6 C inside. But as promised last month, here we are in Peterborough at half term. The first few photos are because the sun is shining, as it did several times for us, but it was still very cold, even in the sun.


Did you see the moon?


We spent several hours in Peterborough Cathedral which was huge and very ornate. Mummy printed two sheets off with questions to answer and things to find like hidden animals in the carvings. It took a while but when we finished they stamped my Children's University record book.


The next day was spent at Nene Park. We parked at a station on the Nene Valley Railway and walked to the next one where a stem train was leaving. We waited and had a trip along the line and back. The last train we went on was ten times as fast and more comfortable.


The next day I chose where to go so we went to a farm that had an animal handling area. I held tiny guinea pigs and a baby chick.

Below, I'm learning to fly. OK, I'm on a bouncy cushion. Great fun!


The top four photos are on or around our campsite. It was on a hill overlooking Peterborough. As usual we are the only ones there and almost as usual, the owner used his tractor to tow our caravan off to avoid having his grass chewed up.

Below, I'm having fun on my wiggle scooter that Mummy and Daddy bought me for Christmas. Its proper name is a ski scooter but you can see why I call it a wiggle scooter. I wiggle from side to side and whizz along, or at least I can on the level.


Once outside in the cold, wind and drizzle (I thought I would mention it again) we did the same with the town trail. 33 questions to answer this time. My hands were so cold Mummy bought me a pair of ski gloves!


This is how I looked as we walked around Nene Park and back to the car via one of Mummy's short cuts. Actually they are always long cuts.


One hungry pig!

To end with, here is a sunset viewed from our caravan.
I hope you enjoyed my photographs.

Love from Abigail.