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North Yorkshire


    Abigail's Page 34


March 2016

Daddy called it a dubble wammee or something like that. After a very enjoyable Easter which included watching a grown up being baptised at church, we had the caravan ready to go to Harrogate. Unfortunately we had to delay the departure to the afternoon because of Storm Katie. Daddy didn't want to tow the caravan when it was very very windy. We got to our site just as it got dark and the farmer had to tow the caravan into the site with his Disco (but I didn't see lights or hear music) as the ground was so wet. The next day it snowed as you can see.


We did several walks, visited Harrogate and had morning coffee in Betty's Cafe Tea Room. This was almost as expensive as afternoon tea on HMY Britannia (Daddy remembers these things. Mummy and I just enjoy it.) The Royal Pump Room Museum and The Mercer Art Gallery had a children's trail to follow which we all loved doing. And, when it gets too cold or wet we return to our caravan, play games, occasionally watch TV, or read. I play on my tablet lots.

"Daddy, how can we be lost walking round a reservoir?"
"We're not. Unless you want to try walking on water, hush up!"

After one week it was time to leave but the ground was too soft for the farmer's Disco so he used his tractor to tow us off. We drove to Croft near Darlington to visit Daddy's cousin Juliet. Just like last year we had to empty the caravan into Juliet's conservatory, clean it and take it for service the next day.


Whilst the caravan was being serviced we went to Preston Park Museum and grounds nearby as there was a butterfly world, a play park and a museum with an Easter egg trail to follow. I'm getting good at them. Daddy got more excited by looking at a 60 year old Velocette motorbike than looking for Easter eggs.

Below, we're trying hats on in an old shop, one of many in a street in the museum.


The farm overlooked Thruscross reservoir (One of 132 we were told by a retired Yorkshire Water man.) We decided to walk around it as it was only 4.5 miles but it took 4.5 hours because of the difficult bits, the boggy bits and several short breaks.

One of the easier boggy bits (below)

The pictures below were taken as we walked around the reservoir. Two are upside down. Can you spot which ones?


Pately Bridge had the oldest sweet shop in England and this climbing frame. I didn't go to the top as I had my wellies on. We did buy some sweets though.

Next time I'll include some pictures of the dance show I'm in. It's called "I love London." Then it's the Big Church Day Out Weekend but we have to return home as Mummy and Daddy are helping with Holiday Club and the week of mission. I wanted to go back to the Isle of Widget, sorry, Wight. Busy busy!

See you soon, love from Abigail.