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May to July 2016

May arrived and so did the Big Church Day Out - a whole weekend of contemporary church music, fun for the kids, a quieter area for those seeking a more peaceful atmosphere, marquees of church resources and a wonderful food mall full of food from every nation. The lorries with the huge LCD screens arrived later than normal (see below) but all was working on time.



 We left Topsy, Tipsy and Fluffy in the capable hands of our house sitter Laura. Fluffy is the one in the middle.


This is Boo, Uncle Adrian's dog and she's lovely. We had her for a few days but as Daddy doesn't like dogs, especially in the house, Mummy and I took her for walks which I loved.


In July we had a great day's cycling at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire. The only way to cross the river was over a bridge like a railway bridge. Fun with bikes! At least the Fens are flat so we didn't have any hills to struggle up.

Clever Mummy found a few excuses to play with her camera again.


The rain appeared this year for a short time but it did nothing to dampen everyone's enthusiasm.

This year we had to return on the Monday instead of going elsewhere as we were helping with the holiday Club at church which was fun.


This is our garden in the sun with a big black cloud approaching. Time to run for cover.


You may have seen this one before. Daddy is nearing the end of his Braintree - John OGroats - Land's End - Braintree trip, or Tim's Groats End Scoot as he called it. He raised 1400 for Parkinson's UK.



We had an enjoyable trip in an electric boat. At one point the river didn't look wide enough but we got through. The Captain was a very knowledgeable bird reserve warden and showed us lots.



I hope Daddy creates my next update soon as we spent three weeks in Cornwall in August. I went body board surfing in a wetsuit and even Mummy tried it. Nanny joined us for the last week, so watch this space!

See you soon, love from Abigail.