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August 2016

Yeeha, it's August and we're on holiday for three weeks in Cornwall. The sun shone, perhaps not every day, but enough for us spend time on the beach and in the sea, visit lots of places and follow three town trails. Nanny joined us for the last week by flying from Stansted to Newquay. The jet setter has spent a month in Canada and now a week in our caravan near Perranporth.


See? The sun does shine on us sometimes.


Daddy loves this photo of me, except that I look too grown up, especially with my earrings. Look closely and you can see his knobbly knees in my glasses.


Let's go the beach now. Daddy kept singing "Surfer Girl". I can't think why. He had to buy me a wetsuit as the water was so cold. The old softie would only paddle but Mummy went in as you can see.


Who recognises this then? It's one of the biomes (bio-domes) of the Eden Project. Mummy and Daddy enjoyed it more than me but it was interesting, especially as we walked up to the platform at the top of the rain forest biome.

Below is the WEEE man made from the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) the average British household throws away in a lifetime. At seven metres high, his grimacing head towers over the Eden Project outdoor gardens. Mobile phones, mp3 players, lawn mowers and the like make up his bones and sinews; his teeth are computer mice; his ears are satellite dishes; and his brain is built from computer parts. (I copied that paragraph.) (Careful, that's called plagiarism - Dad.)


One evening when Nanny was with us Mummy thought it would be a good idea to watch the sunset from a cliff. This is what we saw.


I loved the Bird of Prey Centre which concentrates on saving birds that are no longer wanted or hurt. The are taken well care of and exercised like this falcon. They even had a Golden Eagle. Daddy and I didn't see it fly as we picked Nanny up from the airport.


When Nanny was with us we went to Land's End where Daddy was in June. We had our photograph taken in front of the well known sign post. It's the same place as Daddy did with his scooter.

Do you recognise Bitzer? I used to watch Shaun the Sheep all the time so this Shaun the Sheep Experience was great. We had our photo taken with him too.

As we left Land's End Daddy really wanted to visit the Minack Theatre, an open air theatre built of rock on the cliff. There was a play by Shakespeare in progress so we couldn't get too close.


This is how we spent our last day - on the beach, followed by a cream tea on the way back to the caravan. (See right.) I think Daddy enjoyed it.

And that was our main holiday 2016. We all loved it and we didn't want to return home. I had two days at home then back to school. I'm in Year 5 now.

Love from Abigail.



The top two pictures are on  Porthtowan  beach which we visited on our first day.


Just practicing my handstands. QUICK, Daddy!


We visited Mevagissey on a rather cool misty day. This is Michelle from Australia. To visit us on her trip to England she had to catch a train to Truro where we met her. She only stayed for two days though as she had to fly back to Perth.


Back at the caravan after a hard day on the beach we showered and dressed up for dinner.

Unfortunately I had to earn my dinner. Daddy is such a slave driver. (One day you'll thank me for this. Dad.)


It was very hot and humid inside. Last year the temperature reached 51C at the high level platform. It was only 32C for us.

I love zip wires but this one is way to high, fast and long for me. I bet you get a good view of the Eden Project from up there!


We visited Dairylands twice which was interesting, fun and enjoyable. We fed some animals, watched cows being milked (I tried on a dummy cow), looked at the museums and spent time in the kiddie's fun barn. Here am I at the top of a vertical slide. Daddy tried it - once was enough.

What am I doing in mid air? Trampolining of course, still at Dairylands.