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    Abigail's Page 37


October 2016

This time we're in Oxfordshire near Chipping Norton. The main reason for choosing to come here is that Mummy and Daddy's Best Man from their wedding lives nearby. We haven't seen them for three years so it was lovely to meet up on three days. They now own a motorhome so you can guess what Daddy and and Paul spoke about. And, Paul had a scooter for a while, similar to Daddy's.


This is Daddy's attempt at getting me thrown off a kiddie's swing. It didn't work.

This is Oxford, 99 steps and 74 feet up the Carfax Tower, built in the 12 century. No new building is allowed to be taller in Oxford.

We also tried a new town trail that Mummy downloaded but we found it very difficult until we came across a page that gave a hint where the point of interest was. Parents!


This is Paul, Sue and Pepper. Paul and Daddy met in 1995 as volunteers for a Christian organisation called Oak Hall. Here is what they used to drive.

 Daddy says it is a 13.7m Neoplan Skyliner with 83 seats. I'd rather play with Pepper.

Unfortunately Pepper is ill and may not be with them much longer. I feel very sad as she is is a lovely dog and will be missed lots.


Typical Oxfordshire scenery.

We always like to end on a sunset.

That was week 1 of October half term. Week 2 was spent at home. Next trip may be my birthday in January. Daddy says to watch this space but I'm sure you've got better things to do!


Below, we're back home now. Fluffy has filled his pouches with food and Tipsy and Topsy want some more nuggets.


So what's this upside down rainbow that Mummy photographed? Even Daddy has never seen one before. It's caused by ice crystals forming in very high cloud. So now we know. You learnt it here first.


That's all for now. Love from Abigail.



As usual, we had the site to ourselves for several days. The site was quiet but unfortunately the road next to it wasn't, despite it being a bee road so Daddy says.

Perhaps the guard-bear scared people off!



Frazer, their son, is 16 and taller than his Dad. Can you see Mummy in the mirror?


We visited Bourton on the Water which is where Daddy proposed to Mummy twelve years ago. He said he was going to blow up the bridge where it happened but I don't know why.

This is the model village which was started in 1932. It is made from Cotswold Stone and has miniature plants to make it look very realistic. It's an exact replica of the the town (see below.)


Also in the town was a car museum which was packed with cars, bikes and memorabilia. Naturally I completed the children's trail around the museum.

Brum is now 25 years old. I used to watch him on DVDs that Nanny gave me.