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Christmas, Woburn and more


    Abigail's Page 38


January 2017

A belated Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a festive, fine, friendly and fantastic Christmas. We had a smaller gathering at Great Aunt Margaret's house this year. I missed the big event we have had the last few years. Now we're in to 2017, cold with snow yesterday (1C), windy but sunny.

Have a great 2017.

Let's start in December last year. I went to see The Railway Children live on stage at the King's Cross Theatre twice! Once with the school and once with Mummy, Daddy and Nannie. It was very exciting.

Afterwards we went for a walk alongside the Regents Canal as the sun and the temperature dropped. We made Nannie's life easier by taking Grandad's wheel chair.

Can you work out what the picture is below?

Answer: dancing fountains near Kings Cross.


Introducing Woburn:

Ooops! Wrong picture but I bet it got you going, didn't it?

Now we have Woburn living with us who is taking far too much interest in the guinea pigs. He's a rescue cat and being half Bengal he is a bit lively. Woburn came from a RSPCA home with his name so we didn't change it, but it has nothing to do with Woburn Abi what ever that is. He has had a few walks outside on a lead but we'll let him roam free soon. He is into everything, including the bath, dishwasher, cupboards, garage...up the bifold door curtains, round the lounge like a wall of death rider, up the Bird of Paradise plant, between our legs and if something moves, he goes for it.

"Huh? Where are they? They were here a minute ago."

 Please note: no guinea pigs were harmed in the making of this web page.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Unfortunately, it doesn't, or if it does, not enough. I blame Daddy's cousin Juliet as she brought me a sledge a few years ago. We had a snow shower just after my birthday (I'm 10 now) so Willow and I just had to get cold and wet.

m, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@@@@@@/

(The above is Hello from Woburn as he walked across the keyboard - yes, honestly.)


That's all for now. We hope to go away at half term in February but it depends how Nannie is. She is having to use crutches and can't drive until her big boot comes off. The hospital says she must keep it on for four weeks. Poor Nannie. She even has to sleep with it on. It will be a long four weeks.

Lots of love from Abigail, Mummy, Daddy, Woburn, Fluffy, Tipsy and Topsy.



Our annual New Year's Day outing but unfortunately without Nannie as her leg is so bad after tearing an Achilles tendon, probably when she fell on the beach in Cornwall.

Mummy, Nannie and other ladies made some super flower displays at church for Christmas. See how clever they are?




Above is his innocent look, but below he is thinking, "I'll have them, one day. It might take a while..."


This is my birthday cake that Mummy made. We took it to Pizza Hut where I had a pizza party with 7 friends. Some people there hadn't even heard of Wombles! Neither has Mummy's spell checker.