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February 2017

This year is flying past and I'm not an old timer like Daddy! In addition to the two trips I had two exams. The first was my dance class one where I achieved an honours - the only one to do so in my class. The second was my clarinet exam and I received a merit.

February was very cold (You want me to stay in a caravan that's only 3C Daddy?) We chose to go to Fakenham race course in Norfolk as it is near Norwich and two friends of Mummy's who I've met before. This photo is from the top of the grandstand looking towards the race course and golf course.

This is to prove I'm a big girl now!

One bright sunny day we drove along the north Norfolk coast and stopped at Brancaster.

As if the above flood level wasn't bad enough, the one below near the beach was even worse.




Woburn and the other animals were well looked after by Nannie who stayed at ours for a week. I think they were spoilt! Our usual house sitter works long hours some times and Woburn was allowed to adopt us as we are often in. Where would we be without Nannie?

We visited Norwich cathedral which was an amazing place. Mummy found a plaque of past bishops of Norwich and one was the father of Daddy's boss at the uni. Daddy read about him in a motorcycle magazine as he bought mopeds for his clergy so they could get around the parish easier. Daddy said this was in the 1970s which is a long time ago.

(Don't be fooled by the sun, it was still very cold.)

Below was taken near Brancaster staithes. Daddy loves this photo as he says it is moody because of the light.


This is Brancaster beach which seems to go for ever.

That's all for this February half term.

Love from Brancaster beach and.....


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