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BCDO, Isle of Wight, Woburn and more


    Abigail's Page 41


June 2017

It's us again with more pix of places we've been to and things we've done. Daddy says that even if no one read this he would continue as it is a brief summary of our lives, a bit like a photo album. I hope it is read though, especially as I'll be asking questions later...

First of all some photos of  Woburn, my half Bengal cat, who is into everything. I can now read his mind so here is what he is thinking.

" WHAAA! I want to go away with you."

"Or perhaps I'll be a mascot on their dashboard."


Our annual trip to the Big Church Day Out weekend at the lovely estate of Wiston Hall in West Sussex happened as per usual. I've included two of the usual photos we take plus a couple more. Below is Wiston Hall and the church close by. This is the quieter area with two smaller stages and a cafe.

Below is the food mall with The Bazaar (a resource tent) just off picture to the right.


On the Bank Holiday Monday we travelled to Southampton to catch a ferry to the Isle of Wight. Twice now Daddy has struggled with the campsite's website that gives discount ferry crossings and days out. We arrived at the site with no booking but they fitted us in.

Osborne House was Queen Victoria's residence on the IoW and very grand it was too. 

This stairway reminds me of home - not.

I even paddled on Her Majesty's private beach. The land you see is the mainland around Southampton.

One day we visited Mel who used to be at our church in Braintree. He lives in Sandown and took us to a favourite beach of his with a cafe. It seemed miles away and we were very tired when we got there. Daddy says we practically walked to Shanklin.

We love the Isle of Wight and hope to return in October. It took us four hours to get to BCDO on the Friday evening which is 27 mph. Slow! I was hoping for a quicker journey back from the IoW but we got stuck in traffic near Heathrow airport. Mummy started taking photos so here is the underside of a British Airways jet!

Below is a smaller flying object which Mummy spotted on a table at Hylands House in Chelmsford.


Back home now and Mummy has been playing with her camera again. Woburn loves to sit on this blue tit box in a neighbour's garden so Daddy is going to put some plastic spikey bits on it to deter him.



Nanny came to take care of Woburn and the other animals again. I think they were spoilt as usual! Unfortunately Nanny still has to use a crutch or even two when she goes out because of her leg problems but insists on doing as much as she can. Sometimes too much in my opinion. And Yes, I did say the same last time. In August she is coming with us to South Dorset for two weeks.

"Aha! I'll stow away in this locker. They'll never find me until we get to wherever we are going."

"So this is what a guinea pig house smells like, but where are the pesky things?"

"Oh never mind, I'll just have another nap instead."


It's not Glastonbury but we are in there somewhere with other friends from church. Daddy took this picture of one of the HUGE screens each side of the main stage.


A garden party was in progress on the lawns of Osborn House and guess what show off Daddy did. Yes, he rode a replica penny farthing but he did wobble a bit at first.

Monkey Haven was great (below - above was at Osborne House)  and a keeper showed us around. There were birds of prey and other animals as well, the majority having been rescued from a bad life or given to them by other zoos. The owl below was magnificent but unfortunately....

....he fell off his handler's arm but didn't seem to bothered by the experience.


Still at home, you can see that Mummy has been busy with my playhouse. I've had it for 5 years now and as I'm 10 and don't use it, Mummy and Daddy have taken it over. Daddy's work is all inside but you will have to wait until my next posting to see what he has done.


Well, once again that's all folks. Life goes on and as I write there are only three weeks of school left. Hooray! (Sob sob - Daddy.) In September I'll be in my final year of primary school. (Teenage years, here we come.) Very funny Daddy!

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