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Tales from a Motorcycle Saddle.

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Dorset, Woburn, Nanny uses a mountain trike, the loss of a good, reliable and faithful friend and inside my playhouse.



   Abigail's Page 42


August 2017

It's September and I don't like it. Holidays are over, the temperature has dropped and the evenings are getting darker. But never mind, we'll run through what has been happening such as how a Carens morfed into an Amorok, what Daddy is doing in my playhouse and what Woburn has been up to.

Regarding Woburn, life is all about eating, sleeping, bringing wildlife home (including frogs) and exploring. Let's see what he is thinking:

 "Go away. A cat needs his sleep."

"Normally my escape route is: bedroom window sill, through the window, onto the porch, Mummy's car, slide down the windscreen, off the bonnet and I'm away. Somehow today I've ended up high up on the caravan roof. I can't jump back and the ground looks a long way down."


On holiday Nanny did really well with her crutches. The paths in the Arne Nature Reserve were too uncomfortable for wheel chair use but she managed to walk all the way through it to the beach that overlooked Poole. She does like her Iphone though!


We didn't get too wet at any time. Here we are in the rain at Corfe Castle model village.

This is one of Mummy's clever pictures with her posh camera. Clever, isn't she? The picture was taken from Durlston Country Park nature reserve. Note the sunshine and blue sea!

Nanny treated us to afternoon tea at the Royal Hotel Swanage, and very nice it was too. Look closely below and you should see us in the conservatory in the left corner.

Below is Lulworth Cove which we visited after going to see Durdle Door, or Doodle Door as Mummy kept calling it. You can just see us in the lower photo. (Look for Daddy's red fleece.) 247 steps would have been too much for Mummy's poor knees.

Daddy saw Cliff Richard on top of Durdle Door making the video for his Christmas song "Saviour's Day". This was in the 1980s.

Running only a few yards from the caravan, but behind two large hedges was the Wareham to Swanage preserved line. They use steam and diesel but Daddy saw neither. Mummy walked to the level crossing and took this picture. It had an engine at each end of the train.

You can see below what all this hired pickup truck business is about. Daddy and I were waiting at the end of the lane from the site when BANG! A motorcyclist ran into us. He had been knocked by a car and hit us while we waited, with such force he flew across the bonnet and landed many yards down the road on the grass verge, taking out a cookery school sign at the same time. Miraculously he wasn't badly hurt, just bruised, but his bike and our car were written off. Even the bonnet was dented and pushed over.

We we all upset but relieved it wasn't worse so in our final picture of the holiday we are standing to hide the damage. I will miss the car as Grandad Saunders bought it for us when I was three and Daddy was making it a "forever car." Daddy said that the replacement will be newer, better, the same make, colour and number plates so the spirit of Grandad's generosity will live on. I gave it a hug and a kiss before we left as it is the only car I can really remember.



Back home and back to my playhouse. Daddy is turning it into a railway room. DAD! Come and say what you are doing.

I insulated, panelled and painted the inside. Power was installed and I was on course to build a small GWR branch line. A neighbour heard what I was doing and gave me boxes of Hornby track, rolling stock and engines, all boxed. The branch line is now a main line! I don't intend to spend much time, or money, on it and it will be ages before trains are running.


Because of the lack of beach days on holiday we decided to go to the coast on August Bank holiday Monday. We were up at 6.30 and on Walton beach by 08.50. Mummy and I went swimming, Daddy paddled and he and I made 12 sandcastles and watched the incoming tide demolish them.


We spent two weeks in Dorset for our summer holiday staying near Corfe Castle. The site was a Camping and Caravanning Club certified site (maximum five caravans.) Nanny came with us, despite her mobility problems.

We had to put the caravan in a corner of the field so it never saw any sun. It didn't really matter as there wasn't much anyway.


It was quite a nice site, even if the toilet and a shower were in a creosoted shed. I used the caravan's, that's what it's there for.

Spot the difference between the pic below and the one at the top of the page. Our Kia Carens car has become a VW Amorok pickup. I'll explain later.

Mummy and Daddy had an afternoon by themselves in Wareham. Mummy took this moody picture before guess what? Rain of course

This steam paddle boat looked grand. I bet Daddy loved it.

On the first Sunday we went to a church in Corfe Castle. The minister took his last service there two weeks previously before he moved to Braintree. He now comes to our Baptist church!

Below, I'm exercising my legs on a public gym just behind the church we visited.

Very close to our site was the Blue Pool. This is how it is described: "The Blue Pool at Furzebrook  constantly varies in colour. Very fine clay in suspension in the water diffracts light in different ways, producing a spectrum of colour sometimes green sometimes turquoise."

Daddy went for a walk to Corfe Castle station and was excited to see this engine. It is a T3 class 4-4-0. This is the very engine that appeared "on stage" at The Kings Cross station pop up theatre when we went to see The Railway Children in December last year. It even spent six months in Toronto doing the same.

A neighbour said we really must visit a unique church a few miles from where we were staying. St Nicholas church in Moreton had been bombed in WW2 and rebuilt with amazing sand engraved windows. In the nearby graveyard we found the grave of T.E. Lawrence, known as Lawrence of Arabia.

Because of the weather this was our one day on the beach, which was enough for Mummy. Crowded! We got there early and watched it fill up.

We spent a lovely day on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour. We went across in style on a 7 million yacht. You can just see Daddy's red fleece near the back (that's stern - Daddy) Oh, it's a flag. We took the foot ferry across instead. The yacht belongs to a F1 racing team, we were told.

This is the mountain trike I mentioned earlier. The National Trust lent it to us. Nanny said it was very comfortable and rode the bumps well. It had one wheel at the back which steered.

Mummy's been at it again. A red squirrel. Nanny and I went on a mobility cart like a golf cart while Mummy and Daddy walked round the island.



SR, GWR or BR? So many decisions. Live or dead frogs? DC or DCC?

Here's a diorama I made years ago to show off two Lodge Coaches. I used to work part time for them.
Glossary: SR Southern Region, GWR Great Western Railway, BR British Railways and/or British Rail.
DCC Direct cab control
There will be a sign on the door: NO RIVET COUNTERS.
(Dennis and Roland, I hope you'll be proud of me.)
DAD that's enough. This is my page, OK? Sorry Abigail.


It was a good day until we saw the traffic queues for home. Oh dear. We didn't join the queues but walked into the town and had a meal in a cafe. We left a couple of hours later and did a really torturous route home to avoid the traffic.

Back to school now which means homework, dance class, clarinet practice and so on. Roll on the next holidays! I shouldn't include dance in that list as I enjoy my dance and ballet on a Monday evening and achieved 86% (distinction) in my last exam. We are now preparing for next year's show already!

Until my next update, take care and see you soon.

Love from Abigail and Mummy and Daddy.


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