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The Cotswolds, Goodbye Woburn but hello Marble, Goodbye Carens but hello Sorento, plus some fireworks.
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   Abigail's Page 43

November 2017


In September I wrote: "It's September and I don't like it. Holidays are over, the temperature has dropped and the evenings are getting darker." Now it's worse but never mind, we can always veg in front of the fire.

Regarding Woburn, a sad bit of news: he has disappeared. One evening he didn't come home and hasn't been seen since, despite leaflets through doors, Facebook, lost pet websites and word of mouth. We did consider getting another, then a friend asked if would consider another friend's cat for fostering while she is in hospital for an unspecified time, so hello to Marble.

As I write (Nov '17) she has been here three weeks and is slowly coming out of her hidey holes such as behind the sofa or the piano. She is quite the opposite to Woburn but is sweet and likes a fuss made of her for a short time.


This is Daddy's new car - well, newer, to replace our old one that was written off. Same make, same number plate, just bigger with so many bells and whistles that Daddy keeps reading the handbook to find out how to drive it. My favourite seats are the third row where I can control my air conditioning myself. It steers itself into parking places but Daddy always gets it wrong and it parks strangely. There's 28  pages on instructions on how to do it and just one button to press and still Daddy gets it wrong and embarrasses Mummy. No wonder KIA stands for Kick It Again! Oi! Much more of that and you'll lose your aircon. Everything on the car is "smart or intelligent." Pity Daddy's not. I'll ignore that.


At the beginning of November we stayed at Moreton-in-Marsh (above) for a few days. This is in the Cotswolds where we went last October and like last year we spent time with Paul, Sue and Frazer. Paul was Mummy and Daddy's best man in case you have forgotten.

Mummy just loves birds, even more than me, so we went to the Cotswolds Falconry Centre. We watched two flying displays and learnt lots about them. Below is a Harris Hawk. One of Mummy's clever photos again of course.

Below, Mummy pretends to be a tree.

I may be nearly 11 but I do still like zip wires, providing Daddy pushes me hard enough. This is in Moreton-in-Marsh still.



We have a friend from church who has returned to Lagos. He came to visit a few weeks ago and gave us some presents. Don't we look smart!



Mummy and Daddy are still trying to educate me in things that I should be aware of, so one morning they took me to a secret nuclear bunker that isn't very secret anymore. It looked like a bungalow but it went down very deep into the ground. They explained why it had been built but I found the audio guide that I was listening to very depressing with all its talk of death and destruction.


Can you guess what the picture below is? Well, we went to the Moreton-in-Marsh Fire Service Training College Annual Free Firework Display. As you all know what fireworks look like here is one of Mummy's clever bonfire pictures instead.


On Guy Fawkes Night Grandad Hutchin would have been 80 and as he was a bit of a pyromaniac with regard to bonfires and fireworks we celebrated with lunch for us, Nanny, Mummy's Auntie Barbara, Uncle Ivor, Auntie Jackie, Uncle Roland, my Uncle Adrian and Auntie Helen. Later on Daddy tried to burn down my playhouse. (Not really, especially as his railway is in it.)

It's called the Edwardstown and Robertsville Railway as a nod to the memories of my two grandads. Grandad Hutchin (Robert) was mad on all types of trains.


Mummy helped make the displays for Remembrance Sunday. Clever, eh? Daddy was having kittens standing at the audio visual desk as last year when we connected to Radio 4 at 11.00 to hear the proceedings at the Cenotaph  in London we got The Archers instead. Daddy had managed to pause live radio but all was well this year.


That's all I'm afraid. Not many pictures this time I'm sorry to say. The next big event is coming soon so have lovely Christmas.

Love from Abigail (and Mummy, Daddy, Fluffy, Tipsy, Topsy, and Marble.)