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Spring 2018

On stage, Marble, BCDO and some more.

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   Abigail's Page 45

February to May 2018


Welcome back to my pages. Not a great deal to update really as we didn't use the caravan at Easter (remember the weather?) As it was forecast to be bad and because Daddy had the caravan serviced near Chelmsford this year there was no need to go up north but we did miss our annual visit to Staithes.


"Freshly laundered curtains are so lovely to sleep on."

"I feel secure in a box. OK?"

"No comment."

"More washing. If I don't like the top items I bury my head inside the pile and push what I don't like onto the floor."


That's enough from you, Marble. Time to put some of our pics in.


So, we decided to stay put at Easter and have a few days out. Even that didn't work out as we wished, for several reasons, but at least I could play with my friends.

Action Abigail, that's my name!

Above is one of Mummy's floral creations. She achieved a 3rd prize but we think it it is No1!

We spent a cold wet day at Duxford Air Museum. This a Lancaster bomber like the one we watched start up and taxi years ago at another air museum. This one was quieter as it was switched off!


Off to the Big Church Day Out weekend at the end of May (for the 7th time!) This time two friends from church, Megan and Sophie, joined us. Usually we put a picture of where we park the caravan. This time we decided to show you how we left the caravan after Sunday dinner to go back to the music area. This is what Daddy came back to. Plus he had to deal with a full toilet, no fresh water in the barrels and no gas. By now it was raining. Well, it was raining on us so why shouldn't Daddy get wet too as he changed the gas and got water?

This is LZ7 on the main stage. Very popular, very loud and very enjoyable.

I love the evenings. Unfortunately Daddy didn't as he was feeling poorly all weekend so he didn't wait until the end at around 10.15 both evenings. One evening, sorry, morning, Megan crept in at 03.15!

Well, that's about all. I'm sure I've forgotten something of significance, but never mind, there's always my next posting.

Lots of love from all of us.




The first few pictures are of our biannual dance show. This Year it was called Flashback as the Mandy Mason School of dance called up routines from past shows over the last 30 years.


 Marble's owner is out of hospital so Marble's days with us are numbered. We have dedicated this update to Marble in case she has to return home soon. In Marble's words still:

"I'm on guinea pig watch."


"Could I have my toy back please, Abigail?"

"I just love all washing, wet or dry."

"Look closely below and you can see I'm on bunny watch for the neighbours."

"Look closely below again and you can see I'm on squirrel watch."


The pix below are from a very muddy walk at the Notley Discovery Centre near where we live.

No sun, but still good views.



Can you work out where I am? This is the flight deck of the experimental Concorde. It has been modified to match the original test plane. I think there were about six passenger seats left for the technicians to use.


We normally sit some way back from the stage and it's still VERY loud. The umbrellas are for sun protection, not rain. I got a sun rash on my face unfortunately. I'm so delicate!

For a quieter time it's a lovely long walk to the back of Wiston House where Mummy and Daddy went to watch Graham Kendrick and his band.

And remember.....