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Summer 2018

Our Canada Taster.

Part One: Calgary

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Part One: Calgary

August 2018

We've called this Our Canada Taster as it is impossible to condense 18 days, 1060 miles and 1600 photos down to 20 odd pictures. So, here is a not so quick overview of our Canadian Rockies Road Trip Adventure.

We flew to Calgary, stayed with friends, hired a car and explored our way to Vancouver! This is what we expected (below) but this (right) is what we often got.

Whilst in Calgary we stayed with Sharon and Mark who got married this June. Mummy has known Sharon for 25 years and we've known Mark for a year or so.


Sharon took us around Calgary on the Saturday.........

 I was jet lagged, OK?


We were warned about bears but the only one we saw was in Calgary Zoo. Great place, lots of animals, large and small including giant pandas.


End of Part One.

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No, it's not fog, it's smoke from the wildfires in British Columbia. And we missed breakfast at the hotel to get there before the car park was full. By 8.15 it nearly was!

Mark and Sharon were our tour guides on the Sunday. This is their log built church where they got married. Everywhere we went we saw beautifully attended gardens.


....................including up the Calgary Tower for a view of the city.

191m (627ft) up and we are standing on glass looking at the street below!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What have we here? A deserted street in 1930's Canada? The day after we arrived we visited Heritage Park in Calgary. It's similar to the Beamish Open air Museum in the North of England with rebuilt houses and businesses.

Very interesting and very hot at 38C which is why it was nearly empty. It reached the low 40's C in the city we were told. We gave up at 3pm instead of 5pm. I could barely stay awake what with the heat and jetlag.

This steam engine at the park gave out no smoke. Daddy investigated it and then realised it was an oil burner.