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Summer 2018

Our Canada Taster.

Part Two: Calgary to Banff




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Part Two: Calgary to Banff

August 2018

Part Two of our Canadian Rockies Road Trip Adventure.


Banff is not far from Calgary at around 125km but it took nearly all day to get there, we stopped so often. Our lunch spot was at a small town called Canmore.


This is our accommodation in the Swiss chalet part of the Inns of Banff. It wasn't too far from the town centre but our room pass card allowed us travel on the buses.


The picture below of Lake Agnes may not be the most stunning but it is important to us. Disappointment was the order of the day after an early rise and then breakfast on route to Lake Louise. The resulting views were of smoke and a silhouette or two of some mountains.

Undaunted we set off for Lake Agnes, 3.8km away- all of which was up hill. It was worth it as it was our first trek, we paused at Mirror Lake to look at the reflection of the standalone peak behind it and finally arrived at Lake Agnes (below.)

Lake Agnes is at an altitude of 2134 m (7002 ft). The teahouse was built as a shelter for Canadian Pacific railroad workers in 1902 and became a teashop in 1905.

It has no electricity and daily supplies are brought up by staff. A helicopter does a major restock once a year. Water came from the lake via large kettles on our visit.


On our departure day, instead if hitting the highway immediately we visited Bow River Falls which was more impressive than the photo shows.


End of Part Two.

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By now the temperature was climbing but we still managed a walk along side the Bow River, over a bridge and back on the far side. Everywhere was clean, pretty and tidy.


One advantage of warm evenings is the ability to eat outside. This is on a balcony over looking the main street in Banff. The people, skateboarding pizza deliveries, vintage fire engine, horse and carriage and other sights made for good entertainment. Great atmosphere.


The wildlife were hoping for titbits. Mummy and Daddy says I called this a chupmink but I don't think I did. It's more than likely to be a golden mantled ground squirrel.

A Columbian ground squirrel sticking his tongue out.

Going down was easier!