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Summer 2018

Our Canada Taster.

Part Three: Banff towards Jasper




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Part Three: Banff towards Jasper

August 2018

Part Three of our Canadian Rockies Road Trip Adventure.


Our plan was to stop for two nights in each new location then move on. All hotels had been pre-booked and it worked out well. Driving from Banff to Jasper took us along the Icefields Parkway, billed as the the most Spectacular Journey in the World.

Above and below are two photos taken en route just to give some idea of the constant changing scenery and the open roads.


We stopped near to and then walked to the Athabasca Glacier, one of around 100 in this area. The scenery was very bleak and lunar like.

Here we are playing happy families in front of the glacier.


End of Part Three.

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These photographs, despite being taken by the world renowned Catherine E Saunders just don't do the views justice. Photos can give a good idea, but nothing can beat being there. The smoke haze didn't help either.

Above and below is Peyto Lake, near the Bow Summit at 2085m (6840ft). It's the watershed divide of the Bow and Mistaya Rivers.


This is as close we could get to the glacier without a guide. Daddy was expecting it to be like the one he saw in Norway which ended in a sheer drop to a lake and was very blue. This one is retreating at a rate of five metres a year.


I thought I'd finish this part with one of Mummy's clever shots.