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19 months

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August 2008

Here I am again. Doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself! (I think Daddy says that because he's getting old.) Still, it's fun in the caravan with Mummy & Daddy, even if Daddy did leave my window open on a cold night, even if I did fall out of the caravan, even if I do have to have a shower. Actually, showers are fun but Daddy gets annoyed when the water doesn't stay inside the shower tray. I can't help it and Mummy doesn't mind getting wet.

If you mouse over the photos you can see my comments. TTFN, see you later.

Off we go, this walking lark is fun. WAIT FOR ME DADDY!

HIGHER Mummy  - yeeeeeeeh!

I'm lost in  a rock maze at a tram museum. No, don't ask......


Grandad's teaching me to drive. Beep beep.

Kentwell Hall is bigger than our house but they won't buy a bigger house. Boo!

Do I look cute close up or what??