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Summer 2018

Our Canada Taster.

Part Six: To Whistler and Up Whistler Mountain




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Part Six: To Whistler and Up Whistler Mountain

August 2018

Part Six of our Canadian Rockies Road Trip Adventure.


We took advantage of the viewpoints on the way to Whistler. Daddy seems overwhelmed by more yet more lakes, mountains and snow (just about visible in the photo.)


The next day was Whistler Mountain day so we bought three hiking passes that gave us access to chair lifts, cable cars including the Peak to Peak and the Cloudraker Skybridge suspension bridge. The peak is 2181 m (7156ft.)

Below is the Peak to Peak Gondola - the longest and highest in the world. It connects Whistler Mountain with Blackcomb Peak. Daddy was the only person in the 28 person gondola and I can understand why. Below are some facts, figures and photos of this record breaking ride.

Total length: 4.4km (2.73miles)

Length of free span: 3.024km (1.88 miles)

Highest point: 436m (1427 feet) above the valley floor.

Speed: 7.5m (24.6 ft) per second.


Back  down to earth and suddenly it was food time again. We walked into Whistler Olympic village (from the 2012 winter Olympics) and found a 1st floor restaurant where we could sit outside and enjoy the views. It reminded us of Disneyland actually.


Mummy was snapping all the time so we'll end our Whistler stay with a close up of a Stellar Jay.



At least we never went hungry on our travels.


With the temperature now climbing it was time for another trail (and lunch.)

Following trails is easy as they are all signposted, but a couple of times we had to use our initiative. We must have some as we never got lost - thankfully.


Daddy was probably lulled into a false sense of security by his trip on the Peak to Peak. The Cloudraker Skybridge spans 130m from Whistler Peak to the West Ridge, crossing high above Whistler Bowl. Daddy said it was the longest 130m (X 2) he's ever walked, mainly because it swayed. We stayed at the gondola station and watched.

He caught a chair lift up to the summit and wobbled his way across the bridge and back. Below is a view from near the summit.

Whilst we waited for him at the gondola station cafe Daddy chose to walk back down to us. It was a wide and not too steep path used for skiing in the winter. (Below)

Daddy did say he didn't want to come off the mountain and that he could have gone on for ever. Well, until teatime probably.



End of Part Six.

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