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Abigail's Page 55

April/May 2019 Part 1 of 3

Welcome to my new look pages. Dad decided to try to make the site easier for smart phone users to use. Because of the age of the software he's using (it's four years older than me) and his age (Oi! don't start - Dad) he has had to make a few changes and compromises. The main change is to use one column only so there is no need to scroll left and right anymore. It may be necessary to adjust the image size on the your phone though.


So what have we here then? Flowers, animals and bugs is what we have here.

Mummy has done it again! Another one of her clever creations for the flower club on the theme of Medals.


As there are some animal lovers amongst us I've posted a few pictures of ours. Below is Bonzo on Mum and Dad's bed.

This is his sister Rosie. She doesn't look too comfortable to me.

Equally inactive but at least awake are Topsy and Typsy. They've just been given a bath, yes, really. They are five years old now and despite being fat little things they can still scuttle along the bendy flue pipe to their other run for fresh grass. Our cats are fine with them and we allow them to get up close at times. Unfortunately we are not so sure about Oreo, next door's cat.


One day when I was at school Mum and Dad decided to go for a walk in Chalkney Woods to see the bluebells. A bit magnificent, aren't they!


During the Easter holidays we stayed for a few days near Grafham Water and St. Neots. Despite the sun, the wind was quite cold but we ventured out on our bikes for two of the days. Daddy is now finding it difficult to get his bike on the roof despite using a tall stool. (That's right, tell everyone!)

I mentioned bugs, didn't I? Well, near the water the air was thick with them and I mean thick. They got in our eyes, noses, ears - yuk. Mum even tried photographing them but they moved around too fast. Dad has never seen anything like it in his life before and he should know!

As you can see above and below, the weather wasn't too bad that day.

The next day we did a ride in open countryside along the Sustran's route 51 from Sandy to Bedford. We didn't make all the way to Bedford as we got lost in Sandy and couldn't find the route. We also wanted to be back to visit the nature reserve at the RSBP headquarters in Sandy. We had to return against a strong cold easterly wind but none of us complained though. Once in the reserve we became too hot being sheltered from the wind.

Below is part of the RSBP headquarters.


So, that's it for the moment. Dad has still got to make up the album for Holland (WITHOUT ME!), a Cotswold weekend, Nanny's 80th birthday, Big Church Day Out Weekend, Isle of Wight........ Best get a move on Dad!

By the way, if you have any comments on the new format please email Dad at timcathabi@gmail.com but be gentle with him, he's so sensitive. (Look here, I can look after myself, OK? But thanks anyway.)

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