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Abigail's Page 57 



May/June 2019  Part 3 of 3

Welcome back to the the Saunders photo album, aka Abigail's Pages.

In this exciting edition we go the annual Big Church Day Out weekend (again) followed by the Isle of Wight (again.)


BCDO. Why call the Big Church Day Out a weekend? Ten years ago it was only a day, or even an afternoon and evening but over the years it grew and grew. Many, like us, arrive on the Friday evening and leave on the Monday morning. This year (our 7th time) we were among 25,000 like minded contemporary church music fans who also like to enjoy not just the music (from a choice of four stages from this massive main stage to a converted Airstream caravan) but also the atmosphere, location, fine food and fellowship with other believers.

LZ7 is so popular! Powerful songs, powerful music, high energy and very loud. We loved it!

This year we were on our own - no friends from church although a friend from another church put his tent next to our caravan. We never saw him during the day though. He had a Press badge so was snapping away behind stage, beside stage and right in front of it.

The main stage has huge speakers behind the BCDO banner and two massive display screens which rise up from the trailers of two articulated lorries.

Wiston House, the rear view complete with orangery and church. For those who want a more quiet experience there was a small stage, huge cafe tent, a row of stalls selling handcrafted goods, an area of fine food stalls, gardens and of course, peace.

This is The Avenue,  a bustling walk between rows of food stalls from every country, plus a bazzar and tents selling lots of Christian merchandise, from Bibles to clothing. I'm at the front of the picture with the pink bag.

The image on this screen shows the audience from the performer's view. point. (LZ7 again.)

This cloud blew over on Saturday evening and dropped a little rain on us. I don't think any one really minded as most of us were well prepared.

Another one of our favourite groups: Rend Collective. Irish, some traditional Irish instruments and once again high energy combined it all to make a great performance.

Dad spotted this split screen VW camper which belongs to someone Dad knew at Oak Hall. He was Dad's transport manager for a while. He now runs Specialist Motor Caravan Services in Chichester. Dad was very impressed with his work on this campervan so Google him or ring 07791 948880 if you think you may need his services.

Bank Holiday Monday finds us on the Isle of Wight (just.) Just? As we drove slowly onto the ferry there was the sound of crunching fibreglass and a yell, "STOP." Dad already had stopped but was totally confused about what he'd hit. Only two days previously someone had remarked that the caravan looked in perfect order. Not any more, we thought. What had happened was that the rear underside of the caravan had caught the ramp, ripping the large light mouldings off the back wall. The deckhands put two large pieces of wood in front of the caravan wheels to drive on to raise it. Dad then drove in slowly with the the deckhands holding the light mouldings in place. He was given a roll of hazard tape and the result can be seen below.

As I write, it's still unrepaired but Dad has bought the parts he needs.

Back on the I o W for the 3rd time, second time at the Needles Battery as it is scenic and Mum and Dad find the history of the old and new batteries interesting.

Alum Bay. Last time we took a boat from the jetty and motored round the Needles for a better look. This shows the coloured sands very well.

You're too old to photobomb someone's picture Dad. (You're never too old - Dad)

This is the church at Quarr Abbey Monastery. Nanny and our family friends Peter and Margaret told us to visit it. It's an oasis of calm and a great restaurant with pleasant grounds to walk around afterwards.

Why another caravan site picture? Well, we always try record our pitch as a reminder of the sites we stay on. This is the Caravan and Motorhome Club site Southlands, near Sandown. The sun, shingle, drought resistant shrubs (not visible) and the cold wind reminded us of the seaside.

We visited an alapaca and llama farm. Alpacas have short spear-shaped ears while llamas have much longer, banana-shaped ears. We think this is er... alpaca?

One evening we drove to Sandown to meet up with Dad's cousin Juliet who by coincidence was staying with a friend. Dad had already met her in the early 1970's and her husband just two days earlier at the Isle of Wight bus museum where he's the secretary. He gave Dad a guided tour. Lucky Dad! (We're not showing a little bit of sarcasm here, are we? - Dad.) The four of us had a 90 minute brisk cliff walk in the setting sun.

This is Ventnor which we visited on our last day. Really, it was a bonus day as the ferry crossing back to the mainland wasn't until 18.05 so we enjoyed the warmest day of the holiday. Our friends Paul and Sue have purchased a holiday flat here, lucky people.

And that's the end of this edition. I hope you enjoyed seeing what we get up to. We haven't told you about the riverside walk beside the Medina, my time spent revising for exams, Dad's visit to the I o W steam railway and probably other activities I've forgotten about. Sorry!

If you have any comments on the new format please email Dad at timcathabi@gmail.com

Love from Abigail.

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