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Abigail's Page 58 



Miscellania July 2019

Welcome back to the the Saunders photo album, aka Abigail's Pages.

This time: Mum and Dad as you've never seen them before plus some miscellania which will mean more to us than you I'm afraid.


Let's get this over with quickly. I drew a caricature of Mum and Dad. Nothing more to say but they do love them!


We often leave the small windows open upstairs. When we leave a large one open our cats use it as an exit and entry from the sunroom roof. I think this confuses Bonzo.

Another one of Mum's displays for the flower club, this time arranged in a S shape. She used loads of lolly sticks, all of which had to be painted. Mum used my paint stencil kit for the design.

Do you remember the eclipse of the moon? Mum took quite a few photos and Dad chose this one.

In July Pastor Barry retired, well as much as a Baptist minister can retire. In his final service he and his wife were presented with several presents and cards. Here, he is holding a watercolour that another Pam (not Nanny) painted of the church. Mum helped with the presentations.

You may have to look closely at this picture below. Mum wanted to make a large card so created this showing a panoramic view of the church. Although the building is important, it's not as important as the congregation. Barry and Denise were given countless cards, a book with messages in and other memorabilia.

Here's Mum and me looking smart. The dress used to be my Great Auntie Eva's who was about my size.

The next two photos are portrait and catty. See what I mean?


Below, I'm playing with Bonzo and I think Oreo wants to join in. But what is Rosie standing on, you ask?

OK, perhaps you didn't ask but I'm going to show you anyway.

It's my new trampoline. I think we ordered one a size too big but it's great fun. Remember what I told you that the safety instructions said? NO  SOMERSAULTS - Dad. Oh yeah, I forgot.

Dad has been busy in my playhouse so here are two photos of the Edwardstown and Robertsville Railway. I'll let Dad say what he's been doing.

"Progress is slow due to time and monetary constraints but I've been adding lights (note the Pullman carriage) and generally adding more details. Points have been electrified using a capacitor discharge unit and..." OK Dad, that's enough, you're confusing our friends and family. I particularly like the Last of the Summer Wine cameo taking place by Wesley's shed. Edie's driving hasn't improved!

"This is the goods yard which is next to be improved as it's looking a bit too clean and tidy. Watch this space."

Thanks Dad. I guess it's goodbye to me using the playhouse now ('Fraid so. - Dad.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these bits and pieces and what we get up to. Next stop: South Wales.


Love from Abigail.

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