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Summer 2019

Yet more, I'm afraid. Wales now, 12 days on the Gower Peninsular. Great scenery, walks, cycle rides, beaches, and the heavy rain only came down at night. I even remarked soon after leaving the motorway that I didn't expect it to be so pretty.


It's not a sneer, I turned too far and got the low sun in my eyes. Honest! The village is Llangennith. Turn left and a campsite and public beach is less than one mile away. We walked over the hill (behind us as Mum takes the photo) which was a pleasant evenings walk. Mum and I did it soon after we arrived and left Dad to finish putting the awning up. It's a hard life - Dad.

Above, is the view from our caravan looking towards the river estuary and Whiteford Sands  which we walked along one day.

The picture below is looking towards the farm we pitched up in. Our caravan is behind the trees on the right and the hill, Rhossili Down, paid a big part in our walks. The carrier bag contained our purchases from the craft and food fair at the village hall.

Note the marquees behind us. The farmer did inform us that there would be a Christian Youth Camp there for two weeks. We spoke to the chef one morning and he invited us along for a guided tour. The camp has been in operation for 40 years and he sang the praises of the very accommodating farmer. We heard singing in the evening sometimes (songs we knew from our church) and a few voices at play but nothing more.

Above is typical evening view from our caravan. Nice, eh?

Although Mum didn't realise at the time but she is pointing to the Inner Head, on Worms Head, the very place that Dad walked up a few days later. We are on Rhossili beach looking at Worm's Head which is owned by the National Trust. It's accessible for only 5 hours a day, from 2.5 hours before until 2.5 hours after low tide. Of course we just had to walk there, didn't we? You can see if we made it later on....

This Rhossili beach looking towards the camp site that we skirt round as we walk up and over the hill to our site. The white house further along the coastal path is the Old Rectory, now a NT property rented out as holiday accommodation.

One day we drove to Clyne Country Park and cycled along the former railway line to Swansea Bay. We continued along the front to The Mumbles on the designated track which was very crowded with pedestrians. One young lady stepped out in front of Dad, looked at him approaching only a few feet away, took a selfie, looked at Dad again who had stopped right in front of her and then stepped aside. Dad said that people who take selfies should take a good hard look at themselves, which I think I understand.

This is the pier with RNLI lifeboat building at the end. Dad came out of the RNLI shop with two Christmas presents. In August!

So many places had marvellous flower displays and Mumbles was no exception.

The Welsh also appeared to love wild flower meadows. We certainly do.

Now that's what we call a beach. Whiteford Sands seemed to go on for ever.

Earlier on I mentioned Worms Head and the causeway we had to cross to get to it. Get the times wrong and you could be in for a long wait until the next low tide. The causeway didn't look too difficult from a distance but closer up- oh dear!

See what I mean? It took 45 minutes of clambering to get across and I got two wet feet!

However it did get a bit easier as we continued. Those barnacles (below) are sharp. Wouldn't want to trip over here.

It was easier coming back as the tide was lower but this time Dad got one wet foot, twice. Trust him!

Above is the causeway taken by Dad from the top of Inner Head.

The National Trust have been restoring areas of land in the Gower Peninsular as they might have been hundreds of years ago, hence the sunflowers.

Have you noticed the sun and blue skies in our photos? Yes, it was sunny and I did get burnt because I didn't use enough sun tan oil. Daddy said that if I got sunburnt we would have to keep me out of sight from Nanny for a few days. See below for our more usual weather. Luckily most of the rain fell at night which meant it just woke us up. Ho hum. Never satisfied, are we?

Back to sunny Rhossili beach and the wreck of the Helvetia which was driven onto the beach in 1890. The oak beams feel as hard as iron.

We did all of our shopping in small shops or campsite stores. One evening we walked over the hill to the site at the beach, did our shopping and sat watching the sun go down from the bar terrace where Dad had his annual pint of beer. Just how many annual pints he has are anybody's guess.

What on earth has Mum got here? It's Dad's home made bike pusher upper. When he puts his heavy bike on the roof of the car Mum has to push it upright. Simples!

And so on to another bike ride. This time we drove to Llanelli and cycled along a route called the Swiss Valley named after the area of Llanelli it went through. It was another former railway track and passed a park where we heard over the speakers "Introducing the Rock Choir"! This is the nationwide choir that Mum sings in and we heard a song that Mum had been practising.

For this ride we started at the coast and pedalled for 5 miles on a slight uphill gradient. Dad says it was not more than 1:50 or 2% as steam trains couldn't climb steeper. Dad and I carried on for another two miles until the track levelled out. He got a pleasant surprise as we passed a heritage railway under construction. I bet he knew about it all the time! No I didn't - Dad.

My great Aunt Margaret asked why Dad was force feeding me a Welsh cake to which came the reply: "Why not?"!

Mum wonders why I always try to misbehave in a photo. She was pleased with this one below until she looked closer.

A visit to the Gower Heritage Centre proved surprisingly interesting as there was far more there than the leaflet let on. A lady in the dairy said we had to go to the Gower Show on the Sunday which we did. It was a true horticultural show with judging on everything you could think of from animals to crops, fruit, veg and flowers.

Two days later we had to come home. We had done a lot of walking and cycling and came back for a rest! So that's it, folks. Hope to see you soon.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these and what we get up to on holiday.

Love from Abigail.


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