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Winter/spring 2020 up to lockdown

Date: 19th April 2020

Dear oh dear! What difficult times we are currently living in. Everyone has stories to tell about the corana virus, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes uplifting, sometimes even a funny joke in good taste. I don't intend to say much about it, except well done all you front line personnel and all you essential workers keeping Britain going. Personally speaking we are blessed to have a garden, nearby cycle tracks, a large park and footpaths and at the moment, good weather and good health.

Dad still volunteers for the Braintree Area Foodbank one day a week and Mum is still doing church finances which entails bank visits. All in all, we are keeping busy and staying at home. On Dad's Foodbank days he does shopping for us and other people such as his 91 year old uncle. I have school work to do but I do find time for my dance practice (all my shows have been postponed, and today, 19th April 2020 I should be on stage at Disneyland Paris.) Plus of course keeping in contact with friends on line.

This posting will only take us up to lockdown. Dad is sensitive that many people are ill, have died, are grieving or have no income. He feels we should not be broadcasting along the lines of "Hey, look at us!" when so many are suffering. We hope you agree.


So what have we been doing? Let's start back in January.

Pastor Chris plonked this on Dad's head and Dad spent the rest of the evening going round saying with a fake Scottish accent, "Ah'll see yooo Jimmair."


We still managed to get away at half term in February just as the country was recovering from Storm Dennis. As you can see, the Caravan Club site at Brighton wasn't its usual busy self.

This is the walk we did last February; the Undercliff, looking back towards Brighton Marina.

OK then. How many photographic errors can you find in the picture below? We asked our friend Paul who is a keen photographer and his reply was that he ran out of fingers and toes. Cheeky!

Mum is the photographer in the family but Dad occasionally points out a possible photo op. So what's this ?

It's sunlight on a cobweb in a cafe we visited on our sunny Undercliff walk. We didn't see any more sun until 5pm on our last day. Dad's going to rename the caravan "The Rainmaker".

As usual we spent dusk chasing the starling murmurations from one pier to the other.

I stayed in the caravan as I wasn't feeling very well on the last evening. Mum and Dad came back absolutely frozen as there was a very strong bitter wind coming in from the sea. This is looking from the East Pier towards the remains of the West Pier just as it was getting dark.

Despite the weather forecast predicting rain all day we still visited Sheffield Park. And Yes, it was as wet as it looks. At least the dining room was dry and served good food.


Oi Dad!

We hope to go back another time to see it in its true beauty.


Dad bought Mum a trail camera in order to capture our garden wildlife. We suspected hedgehogs but we got a few bonuses as well.

This is a sad picture as Oreo, our neighbour's cat, was killed by a car in the middle of April. The children especially were very upset.

"Talk about wildlife," Daddy said! I'm videoing a monologue for my Saturday drama club.

You looking at me?

This is Toffee at full speed who is another neighbour's large fluffy rabbit. Unfortunately he escapes from his run. Here he's being watched by Bonzo from the top of the fence.


Mum has been busy with her flower arranging skills and photography, sometimes for the Flower Club and sometimes purely for the pleasure of doing it.





Now we have two moon shots, one an eclipse and one a large moon shining through the the clouds.



Spring eventually arrives. Dad snapped this as he walked to church.
(We come by car later.)

By now we are well into lock down which is as far as we are taking you. Perhaps when this is all over I'll post we did during the Covid-19 pandemic.

 I ended my last update on 5th January 2020 by saying:

That's all Folks! I hope you enjoyed a look at our photo album. Have a great 2020!

I started this post with an "oh dear" and it looks like I'm ending with one too.

We are doing our very best to live according to the government's guidelines. We trust you are too, for every one's sake.

Keep safe.

Love from Abigail.

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