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August to November 2020

Date: 16th November 2020

Last time I wrote "lockdown is easing." Oops. Lockdown 2.0 is here but I'm not going to mention it much as I'm sure you've heard enough of it. We're not ignoring it though.

School is very different what with smaller classes, less walking, one way routes, masks to be warn out of classrooms and so on. I do feel for the teachers though. It must be very difficult for them. Life has taken on a different sort of routine for all of us. Mum and Dad have taken to following walks from a book of 50 Essex walks whilst I'm at school, more of which later. I spend my spare time with on-line games with friends, before this lockdown going out with a few others, Netflix....


Dad is still doing Foodbank, DIY and trying to destroy the caravan, this time by installing extra power sockets with USB outlets. That spurred him on to install LED coloured lights at the front. The caravan is now back in storage. The weather has been poor and having to book places to visit has been a bit restrictive. Excuses, I know, but Dad especially wanted to enjoy the fruits of his labours.

More destructive work by Dad occurred when he lost his balance and fell on a chair he was rebuilding ready for Mum to recover. He broke two joints (in the chair, not on him) so had some extra repair work to do. Ho hum.


Yet more destruction: Nanny closed her front door with a set of keys in the inside lock. After several failed attempts to get in Dad smashed the outer pane with a dot punch to a corner but the inner pane wasn't made with toughened glass so he ended up using a big hammer. I think he enjoyed it really. That'll teach Nanny! (Doesn't DIY stand for Destroy It Yourself?)


I mentioned days out and we were able to enjoy a few whilst social distancing, mask wearing and following all the rules.

This tree is a Weeping Copper Beech. We spent a few hours at Marks Hall Estate, just a few miles from home. The weather was a bit suspect but the grounds still looked good. We went on  quite a long walk which confused Dad (easily done) Oi you! as we went clean off the map they gave us.


Did I hear a big "Arrhh"?

Another day we went to Burnham on Crouch, once again not too far from home. We didn't know at the time but it should have been the Regatta week as it is billed as one of Britain's leading places for yachting but Covid put a stop to that. Lunch was enjoyed looking over the River Crouch followed by a riverside walk to the town.


Rosie loves boxes by the way. "You lookin' at me?"


September arrived and so did Mum's birthday. What treat did she enjoy? A visit to the Maldon Museum of Power with Nanny. I'm not sure who thought of that. Dad and Mum had never been there but Nanny had, about 20 years ago. It was quite interesting and we enjoyed a lovely lunch outside. Unfortunately Nanny fell backwards onto concrete. The staff were strongly advising a hospital visit but Nanny refused even stronger. She seemed OK but stayed in the car when we did a small river walk.

Mum and Dad like this photo of me taken during lunch at the museum so I had better include it.

A visit to a power museum and a present of a watering can. How lucky can Mum get?


Another one of Mum's shots taken in our garden. She says it's an Alstroemeria, commonly called the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas. There you go, you learn something new every day.


One day Mum and Nanny took off to Brightlingsea. They were aiming for Walton on the Naze but the traffic got the better of them. Still, they had a pleasant time though.

Mum and Nanny enjoying themselves? Perhaps not.


Below, I joined them when they had another day out, this time to Walton on the Naze. Bit breezy though!

More food! Unfortunately it was spoiled by a downpour including hail. As it was a Wednesday Dad was at Uncle Alec's after doing the shopping for him. He was indoors, lucky person!


One of the 50 Essex walks took Mum and Dad to Manningtree and Mistley on the river Stour. It's part of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Natural Beauty.

Felixstowe docks. Hardly a natural beauty, unlike me. (So Dad says.)


Rosie again, or is it Bonzo? I don't think I could sleep like that.


Another Essex walk for Mum and Dad was around Danbury, 17 miles from home. Dad knows the area well as he worked there for 28 years but didn't know the walks.

No wonder he's looking smug, I bet he's eaten all the lunch. No I didn't. Nanny warned me not to let her daughter get hungry, or hangry as it's now called.

This is Danbury Palace where Dad worked all those years as an audio visual technician for the Management Centre and the Conference Centre. It was owned by the Bishop of Rochester many years ago hence it is called a palace. Now it's apartments with tight security and the only place for a decent shot was round the back overlooking the gardener's corner. The 1972 conference and residential unit was pulled down to make way for houses, all built in the style of the palace.


Do you recognise Mum and me? We're outside the Natural History Museum in London, and it's raining. Heavily. Tickets were timed to keep the numbers low, hence the wait. It was worth it though. What a place!

Does anybody recognise this? It's the inside of the Natural History Museum. It may look familiar as Paddington was filmed there. The main reason for going was to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition. The photos were absolutely stunning but the equipment required, the know how, patience and commitment were amazing to read about.

Behind us is a blue whale, the largest animal ever to have existed. They were HUGE, up to 29.9 metres long and weighing up to 170 tonnes.

We were inside from 12.15 to 5.30pm. Dad said there was far too much to take in, definitely worth another visit.

We travelled home in the rush hour and practically had the carriage to ourselves. No social distancing problems that day.


Talking of trains, Dad has extended the baseboard on his railway on two sides by a few inches.

This has made room for another park.....

 ...and a small wood on an embankment.


That's all the pics I'm afraid. This Covid business has made us alter plans, wear masks and socially distance. Hardly worth complaining about compared to what some poor people have had to endure. We truly hope that the latter doesn't apply to you and that you do manage to have an enjoyable Christmas.

Until the next update, bye for now.

Love from Abigail.

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