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Abigail's Page 65  

November 2020
to February 2021

Date: 1st March 2021. Lockdown Easing? Perhaps... Soon.

We're busy doin' nothin'
Workin' the whole day through,
Tryin' to find lots of things not to do.
We're busy goin' nowhere
Isn't it just a crime?
We'd like to be unhappy, but
We never do have the time.

I think Dad is being a bit cynical, putting the words here of a Bing Crosby song. Good heavens, it was recorded in 1949, even Dad wasn't born then. And, the lines don't really apply to us. We have been busy, me with school work and on line with friends. Mum and Dad have different projects, walks, church, flower arranging, Dad's railway, just see below on how we survived lockdown.

Let's start with a couple of pics of us. Mum and Dad are dressed up for the Remembrance Day service (pity about Dad's poppy pointing the wrong way though) and also me, showing what happens when you plait wet hair and leave it to dry.


Dad asked me to write a piece about my experiences of lockdown:

"End of Lockdown? I wish, in reality it is as everyone wants that; it's been a long year. Let's think back to Autumn 2020. At this time the Coronavirus locked us down again and now look where we are, it's March, how time flies. Iíd just started Year 9; the last year of no GCSE stress. When we returned to school I enjoyed it as finally we were able to see all the people I hadnít met up with and seen during the summer. At first when we  returned we were put in our set groups so to my luck this meant I had all my friends in my class for once and not all spread out. However, this only lasted a term as the school switched all the classes up which meant we had to then travel around the school. Before, we were set in a room all day as a part of our bubbles.

Anyway, school was okay, we were in and out due to isolation however. Then Christmas came and it was quiet since Boris announced at the last minute that no households were allowed to mix. After Christmas there was another lockdown so online school round 3 came winding in. It was somehow stressful being online and having to be live with teachers which was also a lot more stressful. However I'd rather be safe indoors than be at school with high risk. The whole time I had my friends on line so all round I survived Lockdown 3.0 quite well. Time went quickly so that made things a lot easier."

Now back to the pictures.

One of Mum's simple flower arrangements had to include recycled materials so she used a Felix cat food box and a lemonade bottle.

So what's happening here? We were unable to have our annual Carols by Candlelight service last December because of Covid restrictions. Instead, Chris, our minister, put a service together which we watched on YouTube. Members of the congregation read the Bible readings and here I am being recorded at home for insertion into the finished video.

Mum decorated the church to give the video some atmosphere. Even Dad did a little bit by putting fairy lights on our prayer tree, just visible behind the three wise men.

"Just for Fun" was the instruction from the Flower Club so I think Mum enjoyed herself. Prizes weren't offered, shame really as this looks so good.

And suddenly it's Christmas Day. Mum's yummy Christmas cake. Dad could have gone to Uncle Alec's as the bubble would have allowed him to, but the unanimous decision was to stay at home.


Just us three for Christmas 2020, plus two cats: see below.


Above, Rosie being active and Bonzo being naughty "I just love butter." (Good job it was an empty container.) Rosie is giving us a death stare and below, Rosie again. "Feel my remote, feel my claws." OK, we didn't want to watch TV, anyway.

Most of you will recognise an Amaryllis as it is a popular Christmas present but this one is special. Uncle Alec gave it to us in 2019 and Mum was able to look after it outside so it bloomed again for last  Christmas.

January 2021. No New Year's Day coastal walk this year.
Yes, the cake is mine. Another of Mum's creations. I'm 14 now, unbelievable but true. Dad can't work out what happened to those 14 years, but that's Dad.


Mum and Dad aren't going for as many walks at the moment. I can't think why!

Perhaps I can. A few days later Dad cycled the route pictured below and said that every puddle was wider and deeper than the ones they splashed through and now required wellies to be able to walk through them. You should see the state of their bikes!

Note quite a cat on a hot tin roof, more sort of a Rosie on a snow covered roof. We let her in via a window.

Go on then Dad, I know you're longing to include a railway picture.

Thanks, Abigail. Well, I thought the goods yard was too large and prominent for a small railway so I reduced it in size, built another pair of detached houses and added a garden. (Just like that.) A few workmen were added and it's now waiting for some more small details. Currently I'm rewiring the railway as it grew bit by bit using incorrect colours and wire sizes.

Thanks Dad. But don't think for one moment you will be uploading a photo of a bunch of wires to my website. Spoilsport!

As usual a sunset to end with. Actually it's more of a sunrise, taken by Mum on a lone early morning walk.



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