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Abigail's Page 67  

June to September 2021

Date: 9th October. Summer, what summer?

Hello and welcome to our family album update. As usual an apology from Dad: he's struggling to find a modern web template that doesn't include web hosting costs so we all have to put up with non mobile friendly pages. Ho hum.

I'm in Year 10 now, (or 4th year if you are as old as Dad.) This means we now start our studies for the GCSE exams. I'm taking Triple Science, Geography, Music, Maths, English and Religious Education.

We ended June's pages with our trip to the Norfolk Broads and we start this page with our trip back in August, this time staying slightly north of the Broads in a place called:

We like to call it Happis Berg because it's good to go to a place called Happy but it's actually pronounced something like Hazebrer if I'm correct. On the first afternoon we drove to the beach. It was only 1.5 miles from the caravan site but the narrow roads, bends and traffic made us play safe. Below, you can see me paddling in sandals. Mum and Dad jumped over a small rivulet that was flowing to the sea. When I did, I landed in soft sand and got sandy wet feet which explains why I'm washing my feet in the sea.

This part of the coastline is eroding at an alarming rate. When the local landlord bought his pub 30 years ago the village had a life expectancy of 300 years. Now it's 25 -30! Very alarming indeed. We are horrified that there is no sea defence in place. This historic pub, church (see below) cottages, former school and former monastery will all disappear into the sea. The campsite behind the pub already has, just leaving the concrete paths which end at the unprotected cliff edge.

Unfortunately the lighthouse will go too. The wheatfields go right up to the cliff edge. I hope the farmer doesn't drive his tractor too close! The landlord spoke at length about this problem but it was encouraging to hear that that there is a movement to do something about this stretch of coast.


Let's talk about the weather. "Changeable" is not a strong enough word to describe it. One minute we have our caravan at the end of a double rainbow and then we have blue skies and whipped up clouds to marvel at.

In many ways we were quite blessed with the weather when we went out, as you will see.

One day we visited a wind pump museum and joined a 5 mile guided circular walk.

Half way round we came to a well known wind pump called Thurne Mill that has appeared on many products, tourist brochures and similar.

A local historian took us through the history and working of the mill and even demonstrated the workings of the sails and how they opened and closed to suit the wind conditions. Back at the museum we had our treat of the day, a Norfolk Savoury Tea (which included cake luckily.) Mum and Dad then went on a guided tour of the museum. (How is it that parents like stuff like this?!)


One day we did walk to our destination. The road was wider and seemed to have less traffic than the coastal road luckily. Mum and Dad loved the gardens we visited. Although not really my scene I have to admit that East Ruston Old Vicarage Gardens was very interesting as it contained numerous themed gardens growing plants that are not usually found 1.5 miles from the North Sea.

This is the Desert Wash garden intending to represent parts of Arizona.

An English Wildflower border in full bloom and below, Dad's favourite piece found in the garden, a vintage Bentley soft top. He says he's not a petrol head but look at his face!


We explored Bacton Woods and found this avenue as if the track once led to a grand estate but we couldn't see one nearby.


On our last day we sought out another Nature Reserve, this time at Barton Broad. There was a long figure of 8 boardwalk as the reserve was a marsh area. The supports had to be several metres long to reach firm ground!

Eventually we came to this view of the broad and spent a peaceful time in the quietness and tranquility. A good way to end the 10 days away.

How ever, once back at the caravan Mum & Dad went off after dinner to the beach we walked along the first day. Mum took this shot of the sand martin nests. Look closely and you will see one coming into land.


Home now.

Back in July Pastor Chris and family left our church for pastures new. He is now a pastor of a larger church near Cambridge. We sincerely wish Chris and his family every blessing as they commence another chapter in their busy lives.


Dad built a small pergola for Mum's clematis and roses. Mum started to empty pots and do other garden activities.

Mum splashed out on an electrically assisted bicycle which meant Dad had to splash out on a cycle carrier. It should take three bikes but they are limiting it to two and even so, Dad still uses a ratchet strap to take the strain.

Dad says he needs one now to keep up with Mum. A few days ago he came back exhausted and feeling sick after trying and failing to do so. When do I get one Dad? On yer bike Abigail! The bike is a VOLT, British built and using some parts from Japan and Germany. Mum loves it.

Mum with her Kensington Volt bike looking pleased.


We took a friend of mine with us to the Phyllis Currie Nature Reserve just a few miles from where we live. Surprisingly Mum and Dad hadn't been before.

We actually saw a Kingfisher fly across the pond and settle on a far tree. It was another quiet and peaceful place where a Ranger was pond dipping with two very young children.

Mum captured on film, sorry, memory card, this Meadow Yellow Butterfly.


This is Dad, sitting on the garage roof as he attempts to unblock a downpipe from the house roof. Once cleared, he then ventured along the roof and around the corner to clean the gutter along the roof of  the house. He'll do anything to avoid spending money. When finished he accessed the house by coming in a bedroom window. He must think he's a cat!


Well, that's it I'm afraid for this update. I'm pleased to say that we have been spared any Covid ailments. Apart from a friend of mine who had to self isolate in his parents summerhouse that is. Thankfully he's now recovered and back at school.

We sincerely hope you are well and coping with any ailments, Covid or not.

 Love from Abigail

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