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Abigail's Page 68  

October 2021 to January  2022

Date: 18th January 2022. Strange times

Hello and welcome to another family album update. This covers autumn 2021 and some of winter so I thought we'd start off with an autumnal picture taken at Batsford Arboretum in the Cotswolds.

Good, eh? We have some dear friends in that part of the world who we had not seen for over two years because of you-know-what. At half term we toodled off avec le caravan for five nights and a good time was had by all including their son who we had not seen for even longer. Below shows us with our friend Sue whilst Paul took the photograph.

As Paul is an avid photographer I thought I'd include some spontaneous close ups he took before we had a chance to properly pose.



School is, well, there. It's not great nor bad, just kind of there. We have loads of tests, sometimes on subjects we haven't covered. I do enjoy the social side of school though.

Suddenly it's Christmas with all its church and family activities. We were able to hold all our usual church services (with restrictions) such as a Christingle service on Christmas Eve, a Christmas Day celebration service plus our usual Sunday service the next day.

Believe it or not, there are ten sets of lights visible here including the two at my bedroom window. Dad said the street lights dimmed when he switched them on but I don't believe him. Shame they don't photograph well.

One present that Mum and Dad gave me was a set of lens for my Iphone. This is a part of Dad's railway taken with a fish eye lens. Below is a present from Mum to Dad. It's a signal. Exciting, eh? (Don't be so cynical. It's an illuminated and motorised Great Western distant signal.) So?

What's this enlightened business then? Well, for New Years eve we three plus a friend of mine went to Hylands Park in Chelmsford where they had made a mile long walk called Enchanted with every type of light imaginable.

Some displays were really dramatic such as these outsize insects with flapping wings. I had to show Dad how to adjust the camera on his phone to cope with the brightness. (That's right, tell everyone.) The insects were on poles and probably not far off a metre wide.

Below: Dad says that Mum has always dazzled him!

There were some impressive ground mounted lasers that constantly moved to make tall thin displays but they looked poor when photographed. Shame.

New Years Day now. We forewent our usual beach walk and lunch out but Mum and Dad dragged us to the Discovery Centre and up the hill to get a great view of Braintree  and the countryside. It's steeper than it looks. Mum didn't walk up it although she managed to walk to the park with one crutch. She managed to dislocate her right kneecap a few days earlier, just after her left foot developed Plantar fasciitis badly. We think she didn't want to be left out as I pulled both calf muscles during warm up at a dance class and had to use two crutches at school for the week before Christmas.


Friday 7th January 2022
First the good news, Dad had 14 solar panels fitted to our roof with 2 huge batteries in the garage.
The bad news: Nanny fell over in town and broke her right ankle. She is back home now, (Friday 14th January) with a huge plaster on her lower leg and foot. Mum is staying with her plus she has carers in four times a day. Poor Nanny!

Saturday 8th January 2022. As a pre birthday treat I went skating in Chelmsford with five friends. Jake, on the left, only fell over once, just before we finished. Unfortunately he broke his right wrist Ouch!

Sunday 9th January: My Birthday. I'm 15 now! For lunch we met Uncle Adrian and Helen at a local pub for lunch. Nanny should have come, but well, you know the story. I think Mum excelled herself with my birthday cake this year!

Sunday 16th January 2022: I tested positive for Covid-19 and have got to self isolate until 24th January. I have a cold but no bad Covid symptoms thankfully. Mum is still at Nanny's so Dad and I are being very careful to avoid each other, wear masks when in the same room, etc etc etc. Although he is allowed to go out (and will) he has cancelled his Foodbank shift and his two visits to Uncle Alec this week.

I can't find any sunset pics to end with so here is a sunrise over a frosty Lexden Park near where Uncle Alec lives. Dad got to Colchester rather early (09.30) so to avoid worrying Alec by getting there half an hour early he did three times round the park at a brisk pace!


We sincerely hope you are well and coping with any ailments, Covid or not.

Spring is coming (it's 2C and foggy as I write) so keep smiling and look forward to sunny walks, or cycle rides or whatever you like doing.

 Love from Abigail

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