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Abigail's Page 69  

February  2022

to April 2022

Date: 18th April 2022. Troubled times

Hello and welcome to yet another family album update. Why troubled times? In our last update Nanny had just broken and dislocated her right ankle. Having carers come in four times a day wasn't working out. It wasn't their fault, but Nanny was finding it difficult to do nothing and was getting extremely frustrated with the pain and inconvenience. She moved in with us; our lounge became her bedroom and the sunroom her sitting room. She is back home but with slightly limited mobility and wears what looks a ski boot when she goes out.

We haven't much in the way of photograph worthy stuff but here's a few anyway.


Here's a picture Mum about to sort her...um...flower arranging stuff.

Some very sad news: my Great Uncle Roland passed away and three days later my Great Uncle Ivor followed. Same hospital, same illness: cancer. Their sister Jane passed away in 2021 and their brother Robert (who was Mum's Dad) in 2009, also due to cancer. We were all very upset, so much so I had to have a day off school.


We've not been away this year yet in the caravan because of poor weather, Nanny, plus Mum and Dad (especially Mum) are so busy. Our first trip this year will be the Big Church Out Weekend in early June. We can't wait!

I know we have some cat lovers who read this so here's a picture for you.

Don't worry if Rosie falls, there's a porch below her.


Dad succumbed to the joys of an electrically assisted bicycle so he could keep up with Mum. Dad loves the Flitch Way from Braintree to Hatfield Forest and Mum wanted to do it as well. It's a round trip of 34 miles by the way. Dad used 2 of 5 bars of battery power, Mum used all 5 and struggled the last 2 miles home. That'll teach her to use the high power mode!

They made it to the cafe as you can see.

Mum still loves taking photos of wildlife, sometimes even garden birds. Here are two sparrows on Mum's car when she was parked in our church car park. They started pecking at the window rubbers so were shooed away.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Over the Easter holidays we visited Walton on the Naze. This 300 year old tower has been renovated and can now be visited.

The Naze Tower website says: This Grade II* building is an historic 86ft landmark and unique visitor attraction situated on an attractive stretch of coastline at Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex. Over eight floors it houses an art gallery with three exhibitions a year, a museum on the Tower and Naze, tea rooms and a roof viewing platform with spectacular panoramic views.


Back home again and Dad still helps out with the Braintree Area Foodbank. This picture should be entitled: "....and just where am I supposed to put this crate?"

Even closer to home, below is Mum's new mini greenhouse.

Note the Australian number plate in the shed window. Dad picked it up in 1998 whilst in Oz. The slogan reads: WA a state of excitement.


Well, this is all I have for you this time. Nothing exciting I'm afraid. Life has been hectic for all of us, e.g. Nanny staying with us, Covid still putting a spanner in the works, three funerals, school, etc.

Mum and Dad were both tested positive on Easter Saturday which sent them into a tail spin trying to get stuff done at church by other people. Nanny and the cleaner, Michelle, did the flower arranging but it was to no avail as the Easter service was cancelled as so many of the leaders and helpers were tested positive for Covid.

I ended the last update with "It's 2 and foggy." Today is 18 and sunny so perhaps spring has sprung.

And finally, Dad has started a new website which will be secure and adaptable for viewing on different devices. Just don't hold your breath!

Bye for now.


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