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32 months

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September 2009

Here I am again, growing up as quickly as I can. I still can't reach the chocolate shelf but Daddy rides his motorbike into the garage with me sitting in front of him so I must be a big girl!
We went away to Warwick for a week for something called (big breath) The Baptist Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Leading Edge Annual Christian Camp. Phew. We had the caravan but all the others from church had tents so we were invaded. I went to lots of children's activities in the mornings and played in the afternoons or went out with Mummy and Daddy.

The following week we went to Wales. It was very quiet without all my friends. The beaches were fun though but we got cold as it was windy. I have my own bed at the back of the caravan but I always climb into Mummy's & Daddy's bed when I wake up as it is very big.

I also help Mummy & Daddy around the house - look at the photos for proof.

If you mouse over the photos you can see my comments. TTFN.

Love, Abigail

Come back Sammy!

We had a long weekend in Rye. Got glass in my foot, the caravan pump broke and all sorts of minor stuff happened. Kept smiling though.
 That wind was COLD. Brrrr...

Am I still cute Mummy?

Look! I'm on TV!


We then had a week in Warwick with friends from church. Everyone has tents but I had our caravan to live in.

And then to Wales.......

Can I feed my lunch to the ducks please?

I'm the king of the castle!



Back home now and lots of jobs to do

I fell in and Daddy had to pull me out.














That's all I'm afraid. After we got home Mummy & Daddy laughed when I noticed the caravan was no longer on the drive. All I said was "Cafvan gone! Back soon?" I hope so.