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Abigail's Page 70  

April  2022

to July 2022

Uploaded 10th July 2022

Welcome back! It seems that summer is here with warmer and dryer weather. Don't worry says Dad, it won't last. Definitely a glass half empty person even though the solar panels are doing their stuff. Let's start with some miscellania.

I should have put this picture in the spring update but it was missed. Mum decided to make two flower beds. They still look good in summer due to her careful  planting. Note Rosie and Bonzo's entrance on the right. The aforementioned solar panels are on the front of the house, by the way.

What's Dad doing here? He and Rob are under the terminal building at Stansted Airport collecting passenger's confiscated food and toiletries. Other local towns' foodbanks will be doing the same. Security is very hot understandably and their slot had to be prebooked, plus their identity had to be checked beforehand as well.
Two cat pictures, well, no update would be complete without them. Right?

Bonzo Oi, Dad, it's Rosie, not Bonzo, get it right! OK, Rosie is not so sure she likes being carried like a baby, and below a rather weird shot of an unhappy Rosie hunking down between some wet chairs we brought inside to dry out. (It rained a bit at BCDO this year.) More of that later.

Mum and Dad with their Ebikes. This is how Mum's ride was interrupted by church business. Behind Mum (and off picture) is a snaking causeway to Osea Island. Unfortunately it's a private island so they couldn't explore.


In June I took part in the Taylor's School of Dance show at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. The title was Icons, (of the pop world.) It was very enjoyable dancing in front of 1200 people, twice. Dad selected these photos, one from each of the four dances I was in. 

All photos courtesy of Rob Sambrook Photography (UK)

My outfit for the Killers dance.

My outfit and a pose for the Madonna dance.

I was a ballet dancer in the Billie-Elish dance.

No, I wasn't a doctor (as Dad says) in the Taylor Swift dance. I hope you liked the photographs. I'm still attending All Starz, a local street dance school but they are not doing a show this year.
All photos courtesy of Rob Sambrook Photography (UK)


And so to an annual highlight of ours: The Big Church Day Out weekend. Actually, it's been renamed. It's now The Big Church Festival. Normally it's an annual event but because of some pandemic or other, the 2020 and 2021 events were cancelled. This year was even bigger and better than the last one with over 30,000 attendees. 11 plus their friends went from our church. One caravan, (us), one glamping tent and two large family tents.

It was held over the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend in the Wiston Estate in West Sussex. We arrived on the Thursday afternoon and were allowed to explore the grounds. This is what we found. Note the unfinished helter skelter above.

These are the grounds behind the house which hosted another stage, refreshments, craft, food and merchandise stalls and a Jubilee garden with more craft stalls.

 The Jubilee Garden under construction.

Look at how Mum decorated the caravan! We took my friend Chloe with us this year. This is her first time at BCDO, sorry, BCF and wants to go again. Roll on 2023!

Preparing for rain. This was on the Saturday (and final) evening. We weren't disappointed. We had drizzle the evening before but proper rain this evening. The After Hours Campfire event was cancelled - not that we'd have gone to it. All ready for our beds by 11pm, that's us.

Singer/songwriter Matt Redman was the last act of BCF. It was an excellent way to end the festival.

A magnificent firework display followed the finale. All that was left was to gather our wet bags and seats and make our way back to the caravan. We left on the Sunday as Chloe and I had to be back at school on Monday morning - boo hoo!

And talking of school, exams are over - hooray! Next year these exams will be my GCSE's. I'll be 16 and in year 11. I think Mum and Dad are still in shock!

Still talking of school, (this a much condensed version) our environmental group entered a competition to produce an animation on renewable resources especially hydrogen fuel cells. This was for a company who invited us to the Science Museum to present our findings as we were one of the three finalists in this nationwide competition. The 30 minute presentations took place on the top floor. After lunch and some talks and presentations from the company the winners were announced, and guess what? We won! We were given a certificate, a trophy which was a working model of a hydrogen fuel cell plus a backpack each one containing goodies such as a water bottle with the periodic table on it, a book plus a voucher for 250. (That should be a pound sign, blame the old software.) All in all, it was a good and enjoyable day.


 Some more photos. (Nearly finished.)

I think it's time Mum and Dad stopped taking selfies. The field behind had an amazing blue crop. Yeah, right! They were returning from Hatfield Forest along the Flitch Way track, a round trip of 34 miles. Dad claims he only used power assistance for 25% of the way. I think he is boasting.

While I was at school working hard, for Dad's birthday Mum and Dad took off to Suffolk and spent a day getting lost in two forests, cycling through sand and gravel at times. Weird! Below, they are at Snape Maltings and the mast is a barge on the River Alde.

They even found time to stop to look at cobwebs. Parents!


As is the norm, here's a sunset to end with, taken from our landing.


Well, that's your lot I'm afraid. We trust you are keeping well, so until the next time, bye for now.


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