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Three years old

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January 2010

Here I am again, now three years old, but let's look back a few months, starting in September last year.

If you mouse over the photos you can see my comments. TTFN.

Love, Abigail


In September we visited Nannie's cousin who lived in Harold Wood. I never met Harold but Daddy got very excited about this wreck over the garden fence. Can't think why. Give me a Neoplan Skyliner any day. Oh no! I've been listening to Daddy too much.



I preferred playing with this nice lady's grandchildren's toys until one toy hit me back....

Like this, Daddy?


Ow! MUMMY....

 In November we used the cafvan again for a long weekend in Thetford in Suffolk. Daddy forgot to bring the spare gas bottle. Mummy was not pleased.

Why is my milk cold?

One afternoon I got the dreaded skin lergy. So did my tee shirt. All I did was to help Daddy paint the garden seat.

I'm not really ill!

This is Maldon on a very very cold New Year's Day 2010 where we went with Nannie. I think she missed Grandad which is sad.

I miss Grandad but I also missed my gloves that day!!!

Oo-er I do feel funny.

We went for lots of walks in the forest.

Stop it, Daddy

This is Mummy & Daddy all dressed up

Birthday time! Now I'm three years old and some friends came round for a little party. Here I am trying to blow out three candles. How ever does Daddy blow out all his?

I singed my hair last time I did this!









And finally, here's me  - upside down but turned the right way up. Follow? Oh, just stand on your head and look again.





Bye Bye and don't forget to look me up (or down) again.

Love from Abigail xx