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April 2010

Spring was a long time coming this year so we didn't use the cafvan until April. I was recovering from tonsillitis and I picked up a chest infection whilst we were away, but despite the sun it was VERY cold. Look at me on Beachy Head!

Don't forget, if you mouse over the photos you can see my comments. TTFN.

Love, Abigail

Where's my sunglasses?

Go go go! I need to get out of this wind - NOW.

Mummy & Daddy found a little village, just my size!

I want to be an organist like Mummy & Grandad.


Did someone call?

 I LOVE Thomas and we went on two rides behind him. Altogether now:
"There's two, there's four, there's six, there's eight,
  Shunting trucks and hauling freight.
  Red & green & brown & blue
  They're the really useful crew...."

Beep Beep!

This is Mummy & Daddy all dressed up.

Hooray, peace at last. No Abigail!







That's all at the moment. I hope you like my photographs. See you in June!


This water was FREEZING bit I still paddled. Then I slipped over.....

Help! There's a whale behind me.


I'm not a puppet on a string, I'm an Abigail on a bathroom cabinet!

Shower or light? You choose Daddy,


Daddy lets me ride his motorbike into the garage but it was raining so I had to use my Peppa Pig umbrella.

Daddy lets me start the engine and stop it when we are in the garage!